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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Going Florida. 1st Stop - Seaworld

the day of this long planned trip had finally came. I had no idea how much time JM and I spent discussing and planning for the itinerary, sourcing and printing coupons and stressed for some stupid hiccups.

Glad tat we all managed to pull thru everything and embark on our journey. But first, we must thank Jerlyn for sending us to the airport. muacks!

Both JM n her hubby and us were excited. But still, we gotta eat something as domestic flight dun cater for lunch (unless u pay extras). Had a meal at the terminal's BK and took some pics.

Up the flight, it was a good place to sleep... probably i didn't had enuff sleep as usual, haha..... plus the air in the plane just makes me erm..... ooops... hahaa...zzzzzzZZZZZzz

I did woke up prior to landing at Florida, and is caught surprised by the sight outside the plane window..... haha... nothing special... but its something tat i had taken for granted but missed it for awhile realised Florida has it. Wad is it? its green patches of grassland! hahaa... AZ is a desert, the area is mostly brown... but Florida is just like Sg, Green and tropical... and.... ya.. humid....

Took pics like excited tourist, having fun especially tat this time, our grp of 4 was beri on. Had dinner at the airport.... before proceeding to our hotel in Disneyworld.

Well.... as a priviledge to stay in disneyworld, we were provided with free airport shuttle and luggage transport (ya, we dun need to pick up our luggages from the arrival belt cuz the disney guys will identify our luggages tat were tagged with their stickers given to us in advance).

but to my disappointment, there is another hiccups tat kind of ruin our happy mood. i shan't said it again here else it reminds me again of the nitemare. but anyway, disney did called back and apologized and compensated us with some tickets... hehe... oh, but tat was after like 2mths of complaining.... jm already "xi nu" as the holidays r over, but i dun care.... cuz justice is at our side and justice must be done!!!!!

k, second day of arrival, we went to Seaworld at Florida. It was older n smaller than the one we went at LA, California. Probably its not my first seaworld visit, and the stuffs are mostly the same, i m not particularly impressed.... but still admire the performers for the professionalism, and the cute sea creatures for being so friendly... hehe...

as all of us had played and watched wadever we wanted, we left the themepark before 6pm... haha... fast rite? chope chope ar!!!

then wad? we went back hotel.... and get ready to go to the outlets!!!! haha... its oni a few miles from our hotel... and the start of holidays is always filled with energy.. and we combed the entire outlet within 2 to 3hrs (including dinner)..... abit disappointed cuz the sales weren't as good... but nvm.... its oni the start... hahaa

we went back to rest, and get ready for all the disney themeparks......


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