Thoughts of My Life Journey

Monday, February 22, 2010

CNY 2010

CNY over liao then i post... i very lag hor? hehee... pai seh.

for the CNY goodies this yr, i baked Pineapple Tarts as usual...........

fully home made, including the filling tat i cooked for 1hr plus.... pengz

this bottle used to be full but the time i took this pic erm...

yana very kind to pass me some of her pineapple tarts oso... i suddenly very inferior.... as compared... hehe

also made another shape of pineapple tarts... but limited edition, too cute liao.... haha

had a mini celebration in base too.... all of us will NOT miss reading our zodiac luck for the yr of tiger...

jer and me taking pic with this fortune god deco, hope can win in lucky draw.. huat la!

some1 caught me eating yu sheng.... can see my long fake eye lashes? hehe

the whole list of lucky draw numbers....

me and monkey with his angbao from SRO

yu sheng! huat la!

the CNY goodies tat the organisers took pains to get..

very resourceful hor? in far US still got CNY goodies.. hehee

RoastPig! hahaa.. still got many other dishes... but i still hope tat i m in sg...

Went Vegas on CNY eve to celebrate CNY and vDay...

I think we past by hoover damn dunno how many times till we have more than a collection of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter pics with this signboard....

Bellagio's water fountain... night view is better...

Wow! huat la! nv expect to find some familiarities in vegas... but the ambience still not good enuff compared to our chinatown...

this nice lady made us a customised car plate with our future home's unit number...

met up with monkey's aunt at vegas as she is here on a tour. nv expected it.. but she very nice... first ang bao of the year! thank you!

so happy! hehee

as this is our last vegas trip before going back to sg, can see broke we are??

my vDay pressie from kate spade. hehe... but i not bad too, bought him 2 items from Calvin Klien which is not any cheaper lor...

my monkey headache.... look at all the receipts on the floor... he and his calculator so busy! hahaa.. can see the cartons in the background?! yes!!! we are coming home!!!!

On Chu Qi Ren ri, we went to have a major steamboat with our trade at pyramid.. thanks chun zhang and gang for the big efforts... good food, alot of food... hahaa... had fun eating, playing blackjack and still, eat 2nd round of steamboat for supper.... sinful leh...

a little surprise...

Double Rainbow, seen in 2007 and now... 2010...

hope it symbolizes positive future! :)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ross, I will Miss You!!!!

I think i noe where the bulk of my personal savings goes to... to a shop tat i love and hate most in US.... ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ross ah ross, its no wonder u r one of the 500 fortune companies... its becuz u have shoppers like me... can give me VIP discount anot? :P

Recent buyings, cheap cheap la...

Swarovski earrings less than USD20

Swarovski necklace less than USD20

the more i look at it, the happier i m

simple yet poise dress, laying it on my sofa for pic does not do any justice to this dress.

san hua!!! this one i wear for ur wedding ok?

and the best one.... Ninewest Heels... for only...... USD2.99!!!!!!

Forever21 & Gang

Hehee... i m so happy to make new frds here, we had fun and we had nonsense... i love shopping with my gals cuz its so diff to shop with hubby (i bet some of u will agree).

As a supportive shopper of Forever21, we even had a hand gesture tat stands for "For-ever-twenty-one", its like our gang name now... the forever21 gang.. hahaa.. oni few of u understands wad i meant...

anyway, the following were some good-buys from the boutique. walked until legs wanna break and we spent the whole day only in the 2 forever21 boutique in arrowhead...

Dark Blur jacket (i bought a black one last yr) but i bought it cuz its on sales. The smart looking sleeveless shirt (sg hot leh) oso on sales. each oni ard USD7!!!!!!!

I think i m becoming auntie... the left tee is USD3 from forever21... the right one i think can wear to beach...

the cute accessories, i can tell u hor, i think i spent more on accessories more than the clothes

2 storeys forever21 boutique at arrowhead. argh! my legs almost break lor! so big for wad?! heard sg for 4storeys one....siao liao lor

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tai Tai Life (while hubby on mission) / Disney On Ice

My monkey and other guys was sent for detachment to Florida Key West for 2 wks.... hehee.... but the wives here are very united and full of activities... dun think we will be lonely at all!!!!

For the first wk, we took turns to cook dinner on wkdays while i suffered and sweat in my Hot Yoga class.... then, we went for Disney on ice, had steamboat, had world buffet, feast in olive garden, shop ard in Arrowhead Mill (mostly Forever21) and Ross and alamak... too much la!!!!

Had some fun in Adden Boo's first birthday party and visited selina who just gave birth to her little Princess.... wow... happening.... dunno went to walmart how many times just to get gifts and fruit basket.... anyway, we got time and car and company. hehee

Enjoy the pics from Disney on Ice

We tried many attempts but it just dun look good. thanks to a nice chinese lady seated in front who offered to help us get this more proper pic.

Thanks jer for making good use of her SLR

Abit cold inside...there are 4 shows. By Mickey& Frds, Lion King, Little Mermaid and Tinklebell.

We actually got our tickets online.. hehee..avoid the queue and get good seats

This new princess wasn't avail then while we were at disneyland and disneyworld..... Princess Tiana.... from Princess and the Frog movie which just aired now too long ago

Lindarella meets Cinderella again (reunion after Disneyworld)

Took while queuing up to view the characters (we dunno who is here till we went in)

Some Lazy Cookings


So in love with Tiramisu.... but we can't afford to go olive garden for this piece of heaven everyday rite... plus olive garden often offers the tempting delicious FATTENING pasta.... so the best is to DIY!!!

With the premix.. tadah!!!

It taste good too! though not so heavenly like the one from olive garden.. but it can really pass off well!!!


It was so easy.... the ingredients are also easily available....

1. First, preheat over 350F (180C).

2. Then coat the sliced bread with ketchup.

3. Lay some american cheese ( u can use other cheese too) sparsely

4. Fill it with sliced Chicken Franks/Turkey Franks/ Ham

5. Top it with cheese again (aww.... sinful)

6. Bake for 10mins and tadah!!!

Easy..... and it taste good.... can add capsicums and some vege if u like to (but i m lazy). Used to do it in Sg when i was younger, but with the availability of pizza delivery and cheap microwavable pizza, i already stop bothering myself.... but sometimes... hmm..


Just wanna share some of the stuffs i bought..

this swarovski necklace cum pendant (wore on xmas eve) bought at vegas with the winnings.

some hollister shorts/skirts i bought with my own $$$.. abit regret liao, as if i got alot of chance to wear so casually in sg... haha

From forever21

From Aeropostale...

Cheap cheap ninewest heels... oni USD15!!!! irresistible!!!

many many more.... wonder how come i so idiot to take pics of it...