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Monday, November 24, 2008

1st Attempt at Kuai Lapis

Christine already did all the sayings and intro in her blog. haha..

it really taste like kuah lapis.. but the joy of making is more in the process of playing.. hahaha... we chit chatted till quite late since most of our hubbies were on nite shift and its a fri.... hehe... thanks sheena for her warm lotus spare ribs soup cuz we all literally chat till forgot dinner...

miss bangawan solo now.... where i can easily buy a pc of kuah lapis for SGD0.90...haha

1st Attempt at Cooking Laksa

Bought a pack of fresh thick bee hoon to cook laksa. Reach home then realise i dun have laksa paste...

lucky christine gave me a pack of this treasure. So this is wad we had for lunch last fri.

The ingredients.

From this

to this!

Guess wad? It sooooooo yummy!!! But hor... its spicy as well..i m wiping my perspiration and tears as i ate.. haha.. so nice to eat spicy food in winter and so nice to have the familiar singaporean favors.... Though missing of cockles, beanspout and laksa leaves, it really taste nice!!! Laksa is already a high cholestrol food so no cockles oso nvm (anyway, here dun have cockles aka "hurm") , no beanspouts oso nvm cuz i dun like it mixed with noodles, dun have laksa leaves oso nvm.. the dancing chef laksa paste from christine already makes me dance... hahahaha

Like it!!!!!

Picnic at Sedona 15 Nov 08 Sat

Went to Sedona again last sat. But not to see rocks, though we still see alot. Our main purpose for this trip is to Picnic!!! Yeah!

Many years nv go picnic liao.. feeling abit excited... also many memories came to me when I am still a small kid. That time, mama would bring the 3 of us (my 2 brothers) and my grandmother to marina south to picnic. They were sit on a mat under the shade while the we the kids go fly kite, i mean fly real kite.

I miss my grandmother. And to those reading my blog, she is the noble lady who seen thru all aspects of life, and she is the one who taught me how to fold the curry puff. Of cuz, tat time i so small, she taught me to make curry puff (we would say "curry pok") using play doh. How nice!

We started our journey from 915am. Had breakfast at mac. Yeah! I love mac breakfast!!! Last time, the wkdays I would be busy at work so I nv had chances for mac breakfast. Now, I will be sleeping till noon so I oso got little chance for mac breakfast. hahahaaa...

My last trip to Sedona was in summer, when the sunshines like it its nobody's biz and the leaves are green.

Heard that the leaves now had changed to maple red due to the change of season... but hor.. think we went alittle early. We went to Red Rocks Crossing park. The leaves are turning yellow only... ooops..... Saw in christine's blog and her pic shows the red maple leaves!!! AWWWW!!!! ITS SOOOOOOO NICE!!!! Why did we not see it even though we went on almost the same wk! hahaha... fate.... nx time i wanna go Sedona again..

You see the sun shining on the lake? Please dun think it warm.... the water is ICEY COLD! tested and proven by a few itch hands... haha

We were walking in the park to look for a suitable spot for our picnic and taking pictures everywhere... I m tired.... hahaha

Juliet's picnic mat was abit too small to accomodate all of us... so i lay the trashbags for the guys to sit while the ladies sat on the mat. haha

We had alot of food, the nice homemade brownies by Jaslin, yummy sandwiches by Juliet, tasty salad and my fav caprison tat I got from the commiss caselot sales! haha

It was a big group. A total of 10 of us (Juliet and Edwin, Eunice and Daoli, Chua Yong and Jaslin, Monkey and Me, the only single guy aka our gabbage IC and twinkle aka Juliet's baby)

Eunice very funny, she saw this scene and was screaming excitedly that it looks like the korea drama "Qiu Tian De Tong Hua". Haha... So we all took pics there... Not bad, no red leaves oso got korea style romance... haha

The lake is actually beri beautiful... except tat we looks abit spoiling to the scenary... see... monkey bullying me again!

We all attempted to cross over the small current to the other side of the rocks, but hor.... the path is so small... and the water is soooooo cold... aha... really having cold feets... so erm... ahha... we oni attempted a few steps for pic taking. Our couple pic is still in Edwin's camera.... still haven got it yet...

Haha... noe u noe why we got one garbage ic? We are beri nice citizens of Singapore and we kept our Clean city reputation well even when we are overseas. hahaa... the trashbags and the leftovers from the picnic is well taken care of... we didn't let it flow down the lake ok! hahaa... this is proof that we are good citizens! hahaha

After that... we went to Anthem the outlet malls.....hoping for some pre-thanksgiving sales...

Monkey bought 5 polo tees from Ralph Lauren, one for his family each and of cuz one for me. Its sooooooo cheap that cuz oni USD140 in total!!!!

Then i got another levis' shorts. Dun think will be using it till nx summer... haha...

And this... cheap... beri girly... i like leh.. hehee

Its a fulfilling trip.... nice and fun! Noticed that I am in my long jacket all the time? Its not really tat cold. The weather is superb! just nice! but hor... i really scare of the sun... although i already applied a layer of sunblock, i think better cover up just in case... hahahah

Nx time, I must see the red leaves!

Monday, November 17, 2008

DIY Hairstyle

was feeling hardworking when i woke up last fri. monkey is picking me out for dinner after his work. since nothing to do, so i do some "stances" to my hair.

curled the ends with the curler i brought from sg. with it and some hair moose, see wad i had done!

got this idea from my ROM hairdo. think i can use it for more other occassions too!


Went Juliet's house for baking 2wks ago. The 2 of us decided to do something to fill out our time. haha. as it was quite a last min decision, we didn't buy any ingredients in advance. just select a simple recipe tat needs only wad we have on hand.

we baked some cookies. cute and nice. but the attempt tells us tat we can bake more complicated stuff. haha.

so we arranged another baking session last wk, with eunice oso.

This time, we are baking curry puffs. Ya, bake and not fry cuz more healthy.

we had a hard time kneading the dough...
then fry the fillings.. added some spices.. smells soooo nice!
before we send the curry puff into the oven. can regonize which row is done by me?
Ans: the centre roll. cuz i stuffed with the most fillings. Fattest curry puff! haha

monkey was so hungry tat nite, cuz we baked till 730pm... dinner is not cooked yet. haha.. maybe tats y he said my curry puff is nice?
lets bake more in future!


I believed alot of pple had read from the news tat many stores are closing down due to the financial crisis.

its not a good news. but the good thing is, there r many closing down sales going on!!!!

the ang mohs beri cute. they wun used the word "sales" or "closing down sales". cuz its been such an old word with no impact. they "proudly" hang the sentence "Going Out Of Business" on top of their signboard.... so we can all expect tat the sales are going to be crazy!!!

bought a NDSL game fish tycoon from circuit city. was previously editted to it in PC but then when i saw it in NDSL form, i was sooooo excited!!!

bought 4 pairs of earrings to let my mama choose. the 3 pairs of bling bling earrings r from mervyns at 50% off! each less than USD5!!! monkey oso bought 1 pair of adidas shorts at mervyns at oni USD20!!!

Before thanksgiving, there are already so many sales. will i be able to control before the Black Friday? haha

X'mas is coming!

The day after halloween, all the supermarkets and shopping places changed their halloween stocks immediately to X'mas items.

Underworld costumes to Santa costumes. Halloween candies to x'mas candies. no more skeletons lying around in the supermarkets. it was all replaced with x'mas gifts.

there are many bundle deals. so cheap! so nice!

this is the pic of the tumbler tat i mentioned in my previous blog. when we opened it, there is still a starbucks voucher tat entitles to a cup of any regular drink! Yeah!!! I can get my fav double chocolaty chips for FREE!!! ( i m so auntie....)

Then i realised something is not right.... the radio in the car.... is CRAZY!!!! i think its spoiled liao!!! FM99.9 plays NOTHING but X'MAS SONGS!!!! haha.. of cuz, they have alot of variety tat wun make u feel sick of it.... it makes me.... feel tat x'mas is coming early!!!

hey, wait! did we skipped one festival? its the Thanksgiving Day 27 Nov 08!!! The ang mohs regard this day highly as well. heard tat alot of restaurants and shopping places will not be opened on this day cuz no one will work! The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. alot of sales!!!!!!!

many would q outside the stores right after thanksgiving dinner so tat they can get better deals. hmmm..... will i go and q?

Halloween 2008

31 Oct 08. Halloween!!!!

Was very excited about my first halloween in US. Being in a country tat pple are more "on" abt Halloween, we the tai tai community oso must do something to be "on"!

we already had discussions way before halloween, abt gatherings, party, food and costume etc. the tai tais with kids did not come to our party becuz they wanna bring their kids ard all the apt for "treats or tricks".

Juliet and Edwin (yes, my future CS neighbour) was beri nice to organise a halloween party at their apt, which is oso in the same estate as us now.

wow, they really decor their house till spooky...

even the toilet oso got spider dropping down anytime when pple goes in...

there is a skeleton hand on the "treats or tricks" bowl, catching hands tat tries to get the candies..

cowebs everywhere making it more spooky.. if u noticed, there r little spiders on the table oso!

trashbags are not used to throw trash.. but to "blacken" the space...

lights are a beri impt element!

food wise, we had pot luck. i brought my speciality fry chix wings and char siew. when i was abt to leave my home to go juliet's house, saw monkey who just came back from work. he joins us oni when he finish changing. chatted with my ang moh neighbour joe. i must chat more, to improve my engRish. :P

some pics of the food.. ya.. the pumpkins r not edible.. haha

the most interesting part - our costumes!!! its so much cheaper to get the costumes here cuz there r alot of manufacturers. if wanna participate in sg, have to rent the costumes from concourse, cost alot!!!!

i m dressed as a pirate (oni top part lookalike), with the bandana i got from walmart, had thick make up. first time i dun need to worry if my foundation is too thick. first time ever tat i didn't worry i color my face "out of line". haha. drew a fake scar on my face, and bushy eyebrows.

do i look scary enuff?

the scariest of the event, mr vampire aka edwin.

the ladies, including juliet's pet twinkle.

y is my monkey in apron? cuz he buai "on". he was not dressed up. in order to match the theme, he last min put on juliet's apron. extra......

before dinner starts, the kids (brought by the other tai tais) came knocking on the door for "treats or tricks".

some short info abt treats or tricks from wikipedia ---> "Trick-or-treating is a custom for children on Halloween. Children proceed in costume from house to house, asking for treats such as confectionery, or sometimes money, with the question, "Trick or treat?" The "trick" referred to an idle threat to perform mischief on the homeowners or their property if no treat is given."

kiam siap monkey at first dun allow me to buy the chocs. lucky i m smart enuff to buy some to keep at home. the kids knocked on our door when he was at home changing. and we see tat he is happily distributing the candies.... pengz.... he changed from kiam siap monkey to santa claus.

haha, was trying to scare the kids oso..

distributing the chocs...

we had our dinner in the dark. not in secret. but to make the event more spooky, we didn't on the lights and oni rely on the light by the pumpkins and candles. i requested to on for a min becuz i wanted to scoop some curry. haha.. really dark...

juliet even added "eyeballs" to our drinks, which are actually gummies. then they wanted to share ghost stories... haha...
after tat, we played games like pictionary and wii. had fun. by the time we went back is around 12plus am.. hengz, no need mid nite cab cuz its within walking distance. wanted to stay longer but monkey gotta work in the nx morning. too bad.

the weather was so cold when we walked back....

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I m bored.. ya... but not to the extend of talking abt weather when runs out of topic...

but i can't help to note my observation.

yesterday, i opened 1 window, and my house is fully air-conditioned.
today, i nv open any window, and my house is still fully air-conditioned.

yes, WINTER IS COMING!!! YEAH!!! but they call it fall (autumn) now.

The temperature differs from 7 degrees to 26 degrees... cool... but when the wind blows on ur face... u will not feel cold... ITS ICEY COLD!!! and if without moisturiser applied, my body will start to feel itch... cuz the skin is tearing apart due to dryness!.... awwww...... summer must apply sunblock, now must apply moisturiser.. i think my skin needs alot of "butter spread"...

while i enjoy the free air con, i oso noticed tat the sun set is getting earlier and earlier.

In summer time when i just touched down, it only turns dark at 8pm! Now sunset starts at 5pm... by 6pm, i need to on the lights already, else i will notice my com monitor is the brightest at home...

now even at home where the flooring are carpetted.... i need to weather my puffy comfy shoes to the kitchen and toilet cuz the floor is cold!!!

it was kinda fun... cuz i could not experience it in singapore when its whole yr summer, sunset is always ard same timing...

I bought a set of Tumbler, mug, coffee powder (All Starbucks) at USD19.90.. their pre-xmas gift! preparations for winter! yeah!!!... there is a fireplace (electric) in my living room... when will i use it? i've oso got a pair for short boots from ROSS, beri cheap, oni USD19.90! hope can use it soon!

i think my monkey is planning a wkend trip to go flagstaff to see snow in dec... yippy! white xmas! no la, we not spending xmas at other places, but wanna go see snow to feel the atmosphere... and its my first time seeing snow!!!! but hor, i heard that the snow is avail even in feb... so not too hurry... nx yr oso can go... more impt is to go... hehe....i shall see first...

in not too long later, i think i cannot go out without shawls or coldwear.... seldom got chance to dress up as "ba-zhang"... hope i wun doll up wrongly... haha.. saw in tw and hk dramas the artises really dressed up NICE even in winter... kawaii neh!

but i dun have too much coldwear leh... cuz i wun be using it for too long, at least not in sg.. hmm..... i need to go SHOPPING!!!