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Sunday, December 31, 2006

My New Trademark Logo

wow.. super boliao.. hehe.. been blogging whole day..

having steamboat with family at home.. n tidying my room..

just spend some time finishing tis logo of mine...

haha... need to dl adobe photoshop for it.. but hor... my creation really not good... but nvm la.. it shall appear on every pics of my blog thereafter... will improve it after i got inspiration.. if got any suggestions, do tell me. thanks..

Saturday, December 30, 2006

KL Blog 5 (Day 2 Part 2)

after shopping, we decided to challenge ourselves again for amazing race. haha. so we went to take the train. after asking ard for directions, we finally reached the over crowded n old pathetic train station. think its crowded cuz its peak hour.

then as we were trying to buy tickets, we almost fainted. cuz their instructions were mostly in malay. their direction signs oso. now i cherish my country so much.

when we are at the station, there is no indication tat which station are we in. maybe we all kok eye la. then use their machine to buy, have to dig for coins leh, their notes sensor beri lousy. but we are taking the train for fun lor.

then suay! their train jammed!!! stuck for beri long. so we waited for 15 mins or so just to board the train for 1 stop. then.......... we are squeezed like sardines.... :'(

we can't breathe.... beri hot.. but xem n me were toking non-stop grumbling.. .haha.. till the guys have to stop us.. haha.. then after we got out, we gave up our amazing race plan, take cab go back hotel. hahahaa...

then i think becuz i act smart by speaking malay (my beri limit vocab in malay), then the taxi driver started chatting with us all in malay.. haha...

after resting awhile in hotel n unload our stuffs... i went with monkey to get his nike shoes then meet xem n jinda to buy dinner at the da pai dang opp hotel nova.

we all ta bao all the good stuffs back to hotel then attack!!! haha.. got stingray, bbq chicken wings, satay, fried oyster (orh-luak), wanton mee, dims sum, and desserts... haha...

cuz we too hungry liao.. so when i said i wan to take pic, they all open up the food n let me take pic for 2secs. then attack!!! food no more. hahahaha... sorry frds, if u are waiting to see beri clear mouth watering zoomed in pics of the food, no chance! cuz too hungry!!!

after the food, all said stomach beri full need to go for a walk. so we went to chinatown at petaling street... but they made me walked for so long thinking its beri near so dun wan to take cab. my legs got blisters from the morning shopping liao.. n i so tired...cries.. then when wan to give up we take cab, realised we walked the wrong directions!!! PENGZ!!! who lead one?! not me. then the kind taxi driver told us, tat chinatown closing in 30mins or so.. pENGZ!!!

since i got no interest in the fake branded goods, i bought some foodies to be bought back to sg... then we go back cuz i m complainning liao..

then when asked some taxi driver how much is the trip back, he quoted "rm$20." ^&^$%&#$*(&()@#*) we come oni rm$5!!! u think we are carrots? so we dun even bother to bargain. walked off!

then finally got a cab at rm $10.

end of day. too tired till i fall asleep the moment i lie down on the bed.

KL Blog 5 (Day 2)

We woke up not too early.. 9 or dunno wad time.. forgot... totally abandon our itinery.. haha.. then went to for the complimentary breakfast by the hotel... xem n jinda were earlier than us.. tat was AMAZING.. cuz they were always late.. haha

thanks xem for feeding me... i noe my eyes beri small.. i got open one leh!!! lucky the food was nice.. tat monkey ate alot.. haha... nx time buy him banana can liao, not all hotels allow pets u noe? :P

After that we proceed to mid vally mega mall to shop... by taking a cab.. with oni rm $15... cheap rite? less than SGD$2 each pax can take cab.. haha.. no peak hour surcharge no erp no this no tat.. i like... haha

the mega mall, like its name... was REALLY MEGA!!! warning: nv go there if u nv wear running shoes.

we reached there ard 11plus.. but looking at the size, think whole day oso cannot finish walking... so monkey and me went to the directory n look at the shop locations tat we wan to go... as for xem n jinda, they simply walked ard the perimeter along the corridor.. no wonder they so fast.. pengz...

took some pics by the xmas deco... toopid monkey n his digi camera, take pics all blur one! pengz... lucky his gf, aka the smart lindarella.. got skills... :P

where is xem n jinda? oh, they are busy touring ard the perimeter of the corridors of mega mall.. haha

I was about to get a puma shirt for my bro, then i go queue up to pay money. then their semi circle counter got no queue indication or direction one. i stand at one side to queue, then other pple just come n cut queue and give their things to the counter directly. and the STUPID idiot cashier entertain him first!!! my blood is boiling. you cannot see me so big a person standing there beri long is it?

ok, so the culture is cut queue rite? ok. fine. so when i just dump the shirt on the counter in front of a available cashier, tat lady told me, "YOU HAVE TO QUEUE!"... (*#*(&$%^&#$^%&^$&*.. feel like throwing p**k at you... you dunno customer is always correct? i m highly educated from my country and i m obviously trying to queue, but did you all do your job? where is all ur education and courtesy? tour Malaysiao 2007? pui!

you at least tell me where to queue la! YOUR COUNTER IS CHAOTIC!!! I WUN COME TO YOU AGAIN!!! BLOODY ATTITUDE!!!! when its finally my turn, i asked her how much then i THROW her the cash.. er... on the counter, i dun have the heart n courage to throw at her face yet. cuz i scare if i gena at the police station, they might not understand english.

nvm, I WUN GO THERE AGAIN! like their signboard says, u noe how "smart" they are already...

enuff of the fire, but when i expect a tiny little apology, nothing was done. if it was in sg, i wld have demanded to see ur mgr, but again, i hope they continue this type of lousy attitude and then spoil your own reputation!!!

after all the sufferings, we loiter till 1:30pm and go to the lobby where we are supposed to meet up with xem n jinda. well.... again, both them late.... tis time we waited till 2pm!!! tot they had been eaten up by barbarians... but too bad... xem said she was in the fitting room till forgot the time. but jinda leh? he forgot to remind her, so he got scolded by me as well. i could have made full use of the 30mins to shop u noe!?!??!

then dun care, kfc treat on them! hehe.. the chicken was tender-er... yeah! again, monkey said he dun wan to eat cuz he had too much for breakfast.. but he still eat... hahahahaha

KL Blog 4 (First Dinner @ Kim Gary)

After some shopping, actually didn’t buy too much cuz its only the first nite.. we were oni warming up first and checking up the prices..

The most warming event came.. tat is our first dinner there.

With my smart guidance (ok, still abit lost cuz of the level thing), we went to a famous HK café called Kim Gary. It was highly recommended by the forumers. And the food, proved to be EXCELLENT!!! THUMBS UP!!!

See the yuan yang!!! Though I m not a coffee lover, but the drink of coffee mix with tea, is so nice that I think the fragrance had bought me over… ooohh…. Can’t help but to drink the monkey’s order.. hehe

and the toast with carnation milk drooling over... arhh... heaven...

Yeah, i think i dun wan to go into details of how good the food was... let the pic show u.. and let our model xem eat in peace :P

cuz of the currency exchange rate, the total is avg $10 singapore currency per pax.. cheap.. and nice food... and this replenish our energy and morale for this KL trip :)

Friday, December 29, 2006

Sovil Titus

This is my xmas gift from my dear monkey. Which he had bought me on the day of twin’s ROM. 9/11/06. twin, my memory beri good rite?

The watch looks beri beri normal n formal. Cuz it is meant for my everyday work accessories. So too fanciful will be quite hard to match with my clothes. But if got diamonds ard the watch, even better rite!!! Haha.. i like one with flowery engraving one.. but hor, tat one is hook on one.. so every morning i will have to spend 3mins trying to hook with my rite hand of the watch on my left.. nvm.. so this one better, easier to click on, at least i will wear it n not leave it aside..

I oso not bad leh, I bought my monkey a monkey hp holder, a soft toy banana (yes!!! Haha), and 2 bottles of Hugo Boss perfume with 3 bottles of free miniatures and body shower gel and a shoe bag.. beri hugo hor?! Hehe…

Oh ya, still got a lot of xmas gift haven take pic n post it up.. but lazy leh.. nvm la.. my blog is gena flooded by me liao.. so I better humble abit n post lesser.. haha

Ok, I m knocking off soon… n yes… welcome the coming long wkend… yEah!!! Can sleep long long late late n then go eat a lot a lot yeah!!

Bye bye, HAPPY NEW YR!!!!


These few days, sg has been raining cats and dogs continously for a few days, then stop for a few hours then rain agaiN!

wow.. the weather so cooling.. always below 30 deg... my house, even more cooling like its air conditioned everywhere... 26 to 27 deg! i sleep without oning the air con or fan, and have to cover myself tight tight with blanket..

sometimes its so nice to sleep, until i wonder y i must wake up for work and brave the rain early in the morning and got drenched (got umbrella oso can drench, cuz the rain too heavy), when alot of pple are still in the cozy bed dreaming.

but i old liao, my legs now cold until soft, i scare my rumour-tea-sium will come back again, like wad it happened at the start of the mth.. pray hard!

starting from tomolo, its a super long wkend!!! YEAH!! Cheers!!! will blog about my new yr celebrations again nx time..

however, while i will be enjoying my holidays, alot of pple can't rest well in other part of the world.

A few days ago, the major earthquake at taiwan caused alot of buildings to collapse. Victims have to be evacuated to temporary shelters while there are still many others being burried or waiting for help under tiles. The shake had also spoiled some cables underneath the seabed.

its those beri expensive fiber optics cable... for supplying network and dunno wad stuff ard la... so the network services in aust, taiwan, hk, jap and sg are disrupted.. quite bad, haven got internet access.. hmm.. taiwan worse, telecommunications and overseas phone roaming services are oso down.. lucky today everything ok liao.. but think alot of pple need to fix the cable during the holidays... not cheap... n it takes wks..

haiz.. god bless the victims..

Eve of Xmas Eve 23 Dec 06 Sat

It was a happening day, not so havod but fun.

Met monkey and his frds at bugis. I really envy him for still keeping contact with his pri sch frds and still close. We went to beach road for steamboat, one of the famous steamboat shop starting with “C”…

Cuz it was a long wkend and xmas is coming, I m expecting a lot of crowd, so we reached there quite early.. well… the food was SUPER DISAPPOINTING!!!!! Worse than their competitor residing beside lor!!!

If the prawn is missing cuz a lot of pple take, I can understand. But got see chicken missing one meh? Somemore is missing for quite sometime!!! Pengz.. the soup base was not sweet enuff, but heard the tom yam side one was better, but its not to my liking.

Then when I tried to squeeze in to get a can of drink during dinner, I heard some1 scolding me “IDIOT”!! beri fierce one, not those joking tone.

I turned around. It was a kid who scolded me. He scalded himself when my big buttock (actually I dun even noe I knock onto him, cuz its so cramped and my skirt quite flare, my flesh no feeling tat I knocked on some1 or something.) knocked on his right elbow, which is at tat time holding on to a spoonful of hot soup. Then his right hand go n pour the soup on his left hand. STUPID BLOODY IDIOT !!!!

At first I see him is a kid ard 10yrs old, fat and typical glutton look, so I pity him, he must have starved for at least 9yrs of his fat life and nv eat steamboat before, so I think oso dun wan to think too much, I said “Sorry”.

Then he continued cursing while wiping his trotters. Sorry, I mean hands, fat hands!! Then his mum who was sitting beside him, helped him to wipe also n scold me why I nv walk properly and why I so careless. I see her bloody attitude face, my fire light out…


*of course I didn’t scold so honestly. I simplied the above caps paragraph in a more civilized and polite manner. Cuz I m educated.

The retarded mother and son continue to give me the ugly face, then when I blow fire, lucky his sis said something in fairness, though it didn’t do much help. “Ya, at least walked carefully la and watch your way.” His sis oso seems fatter than me, I think if its his sis who was squeezing to buy a drink, she could have knocked down a whole pot of hot soup instead of a trotter. Oooops.

I stressed to them “I did APOLOGIZE!” but I was thinking, if your meat, ooops, I mean flesh, is so EXPENSIVE and VULNERABLE, and if you are SUPER civilized, then DUN COME HERE AND EAT!!! GO BACK TO YOUR ZOO!!!! Oops… haha

Knowing tat I should not lower my class to retarded uncivilized barbarians, and not to waste my time anymore and spoil my pre xmas mood, I grabbed my drink and go and said loudly, “ LIKE TAT ALSO DUN NEED TO SCOLD PPLE IDIOT MA!!!”

Uncivilized kid, spoilt brat! Totally made useless by their parents!!! Now dun educate you, wait till you kill pple then hang u, too late liao!!!

Well, my mood is still spoiled. The food thereafter, taste even worse. SHIT YOU BARBARIANS!!! Lucky, my company, zhida, lip keong, Jessie, and my dear monkey and all the jokes and stories made my day.

But the food is still bad. I didn’t eat much. The fish is not fresh, the chicken is tasteless, the prawns also not fresh, the crabs seems ugly till we dun dare to put in the steamboat, the vege, argh! Dun say!. The hot dogs are nice, but I dun go there to eat hot dog. Kns.

We eat till nearly 9pm.. then we walked to TCC for coffee and drink and most importantly, air con!!!!

We chatted till 11plus then dismiss… wow.. I didn’t noe got so much to chat.. though I dunno them too well.. but we are young and fun pple.. haha.. oh ya, congrats to Jessie who is getting her customary wedding nx apr.. pengz, one more wedding in apr..haha.. actually Jessie got a lot of ideas for her wedding, I look forward to it!!! But tat means I got 2 customary to attend in apr (another one is my frd)… oh no…PIG year is too good to get married!!! Hehe.. PIGS are good!!

Then monkey and me go cwp for the movie “Curse of the Golden Flower” at 1225am… haha.. it was such a rich show tat everything is golden, the troops and extras, is all like showing off how rich is the production team.. well… I think the storyline is oni normal, I knew wad will happen from the start, beri easy to guess. Just tat I m still quite shocked by the female’s erm.. costume which is really revealing for a dynasty show and its abit over kua-zhang…

Nothing much, but I like jay zhou’s ending song “Ju Hua Tai”.. hehe.. the show quite long.. so when I reached my house downstairs is already 3plus am.. wow..

Then chatted with my dear monkey at the coffee shop until 530am.. I love chatting..n it was so nice to chat under such romantic environment (cuz the weather is raining n the coffeeshop is quite empty, overall quite suitable to chat)… yeah!!!.. haha (so easily contented)… then he take the 1st bus back while I go back my house n sleep. It was a long day. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

How come i can feel some1 cursing me tat my blog too wordy?


actually more to come... just when i got time.. i will flood my own blog again.. hehe

My 1st Xmas In New Company

Was busy buying last min x’mas gift yesterday, then reach home, faster wrap them as I watch my favorite TV drama. I think I quite smart to buy extra x’mas cards and wrap. My mama n small bro see liao, “kop” from me… haha… tat shows my “yan guang” beri good…

Thank u mama from helping me wrap a couple of the presents… but still, I wrap faster than u!!! mama was joking tat if I were ever out of job, I know which line to join.. haha… where got everyday x’mas one!?

This morning, when I carried a big bag of gifts to office, I was very SURPRISED to see my table, full of gifts!!! Big and small!!! A bit overwhelmed and touched and happy and worried…. Happy because the mood is here!!! Overwhelmed is because the gifts abit too much… touched because I m oni a new comer and never expect them to include me in their gift list, and tis is the 1st time I ever had such surprise from my colleagues, cuz such thing would NV EVER HAPPEN in my ex-organisation!!! Worried is because I scare the gifts I bought yesterday is too little for distribution cuz those whom I nv expect to give me, also buy me a set… fainted… haha… and thanks dear colleagues, for placing them on my table either yesterday nite or this morning.. wad a surprise…

Then lucky beforehand, I already joint $$$ with some of my other colleague to buy chocolates for every1. then, tat means every1 got something from us and me! Then early in the morning, the grp of us went ard distributing the gifts (chocolate wrapped by watsons), and the guys will ring the bell and says “HO HO HO”, then we gals will sing the “We wish u a merry Christmas, We wish u a merry Christmas, We wish u a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” “Ho, Ho Ho” “ Merry Christmas!!!”… hahaha.. we went around the office singing and ringing. then end up my grp brought up the mood and morale of the office to the highest point!!! Haha.. fun leh!!! Ooops, forgot to mention, BIG BOSS NOT AROUND MA!!!! hahahahahaha

Then after all the fun, lunch time we went to a Chinese restaurant in IP, then the food is SOOOOOOOOOOO NICE!!!! The chicken so tender and tasty, the pan tofu oso beri nice with chewy prawns!!! The point is… I had 2 bowls of rice… fat… haha
Then tot tat was the end of a feast, then come back office, 3pm they go invite our scholars students for mini performance (for our dept oni). So the 5 of them Sing and Play Violin!!! WOW, NICE LEH!!! Handsome boys (boys, not man cuz haven go NS yet) actually can sing and play well!!! Interesting bunch of them lor!!! Then got chips, drinks and log cake again!!! This is the how many log cakes I’ve eaten in my office?! I dunno, lost count liao… for the past few wks, our colleagues got so many cakes from diff vendors, including Raffles Hotel, Marriot Hotel, Swissotel, Conrad Continental, Bangawan Solo etc.. too many.. forgot…

Then today is “dong zhi”, the tang yuan festival.. then after the superstar session, the pantry auntie cooked tang yuan for all of us.. haha.. pengz.. so full!!!

Think I came to work with a big bag, I go back also with a big bag.. hahaha… thanks!!!

Merry X’Mas to ALL!!!!!

CSC Annual X’Mas Gathering

Met up with xem n tina for gathering yesterday, at Bishan Junction 8, Café Cartel. Well, though it was really tiring not taking a day off after the KL trip, and have to work straight for so many days with less than 6hours of sleep per day, I still managed to keep my eyes open for the annual thing.

Thanks tina for taking the initiative to organize the gathering. Our CSC used to have 6 noisy, bubbly, interesting gals. And our X’mas gift exchange used to give one gift to each pax… so we will have to buy 5 for the others and get back 5.. haha.. those were the days…

This year, our attendance is only half full. But nevermind, the rest wun come even if invited. So the smaller crowd also easier to manage. With our usual 38ness and gal power, we talked about everything under the sun. Fun. Nice food as well.

When it comes to gift exchange, stupid xem, go draw 2 clockwise arrows on 2 diff piece of paper, so no matter wad we pick, our gifts will still rotate clockwise!!! Pengz!!!! Lucky we all understand ur tiredness… haha… spell it out on the paper la, dun need to draw!!!

In the end, we got the clockwise direction, so tina’s was given to xem, xem’s given to me and mine given to tina.

I gave tina a white bag, which is big enuff for a laptop. I like the bag, I dun buy gifts for others which I myself wun like, unless they like. And lucky tina got my gift, think xem will dirty the bag in no time if it was in her care.

Xem gave me a set of lip balm n watch. Nice. Thanks gal!

Then we go shop shop for my last min x’mas gift for my fellow colleagues…. The crowd, fainted, the queue, fainted… but I die oso have to buy something else pai seh..
Thanks tina n xem for ur patience and company… See u gals nx year!!!

KL Blog 3 (Amazing Race and Hotel)

Amazing Race

In KL Blog 1, I mentioned I got a map rite? It comes in handy here. We spread out the map in air, discussed about the route. And we marched through the lousy roads and crazy cars like playing amazing race. Haha..

All we have is our luggage, map and brain and low morale. However, we cannot let the coach reach the hotel earlier than us!!! So we walked beri fast, with an aim to reach earlier to show tat we are smart!!!! Haha.. with time constraint, I understand y amazing race is so fun.

Roaming about in a foreign land with a map n must reach the first!!! Oh yeah!

We did it!!!! Haha… smart hor!? Fun rite?

So happy… then we checked in, our rooms are not on the same floor.. haiz.. peak season.. then we draw lots, xem took the higher floor.. sobz…

Hotel Federal KL

The bed was so huge!!!! Oh yes!!! This is wad I needed most after the long journey!!! Cuz we already lost a lot of time due to jam, we faster unload the baggages, wash up prepare to go for our 1st shopping trip.

These are the pics we took in the room.. hehe..

Then after wash up, we faster go to the nearest shopping ard our hotel for some shopping, to make up for the lost time… wow… so big!!! N so complicated!!! They got north, south, east, west wings and their basement2 is called LG for lower ground, Ground for basement 1… no wonder I forever on the wrong floor! Haha.. Pengz.. not the first time I went KL.. but I think they really changed a lot.. but not to the better.. in my personal opinion..

KL Blog 2 (Journey)

Because I stayed the furthest from Golden Mile, I had to wake up and travel the earliest. I think I woke up at 6am on 16 Dec 06. It was a Saturday which I used to sleep till noon!!! Nvm, still beri excited though..

Then fly cab to golden mile whereby we all agreed to meet at 730. xem is supposed to reach even earlier to register attendance. But hor, strange to say, I m the earliest!!!!! I reached ard 710am!!! Pengz… the cab too fast cuz morning less traffic… then I waited aimlessly till monkey came at 730… ok la.. then tat xem n her bf jinda came oni at 740.. pengz… must scold liao!!! Warned me not to b late ownself still late… *%&@&*^&#$^%^

Lucky u bought us a bun each, ok, forgive u. Then board the bus, abit lousy. No, is beri lousy!!! I took Enjoy coaches b4, not so bad one leh!!! But then this time really disappointing. My seat got no net to place the water bottle and the head cushion seems dirty and got crack one. The seat is totally uncomfortable for long journey.

The suayest thing is, even though we went by 2nd link at tuas, we are jammed in Singapore for 3whole hours lor!!! My passport is screaming tat it wants to be stamped but I told it tat the driver super no skill, have to wait long long… after our coach went in the checkpoint, my passport finally gave me a smile, I told it dun be happy so early, cuz the human queue is oso beri long!!!!

Finally, 12pm, we stepped on the soil of Malaysia, with hungry stomachs..

Cuz we are extremely behind schedule, supposed to reach hotel at 3pm, the bus have to fly… n neglect our stomach… along the journey, a stupid show “Slittzer” (think is spelled like tat) is shown… so gross until I dun wan to see… n we are beri hungry… haiz..

Finally, stopped at yong peng, think is somewhere or abit further from JB, at 1 plus near 2pm for lunch. I faster run to the toilet to wee x 2…. Cuz nothing to eat then I can oni drink tats y my bladder always full..

After deciding to eat which food, I haven bite more than 10 mouth, the PA system calling for us liao.. pengz.. oni 30mins break!!! Early say la!!! (*%#()$%()#$%)#$*

Back to bus, tried to sleep abit since now stomach not so hungry liao… then after 1hr when I wake up, it is still showing tat stupid gross show.. our morale beri low liao..

Then somewhere along the highway, the coach stopped at the road shoulder, the driver when out of the bus to chat on phone. We are all left in the bus, wondering wad happened. We suspected he turned the wrong way since the coach is reversed backwards.. well.. but after he went out for a call for so long n nv come back, we are wondering until 1 uncle who is oso a passenger, go down n scold him.. I spied them through the window.. haha… then when the driver comes back, another guy followed him in to the coach with a bag. Pengz… not robber.. but is his frd or some passenger he left out.. I dunno.. we all dunno… stupid driver!!!

After counting down the distance left, we finally reached KL… n they all oso got jam!!! Pengz… then the driver opened door opp time square. We tot it’s the place so we rushed down. Hmm…. Oni to realized tat still got some passengers inside!!! Where is our hotel!?!

To be continued…

KL Blog 1 (Preparation)

Oh yes!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

I had been saying I deserved a break, after working for 3yrs and studying for 1 yr concurrently. Haven been to overseas for a lot super long time liao!!!!
Finally, I had a short break to nearby country Malaysia KL. I knew my friends sure tell me “KL where got fun? Things all so ex!!! Go there for wad!? You too much money is it?” Anyway, since the trip wasn’t confirmed until 1mth ago, so I dun see the point in telling everyone about this little excitement of mine, scare later not confirm beri throw face. Anyway, after confirmed le, i oso dun bother to go already boosting n telling every1.. KL oni.. not london or aust or switzerland or jap or taiwan or my my dreamland USA Ozaka Precious Moment Island...

So, after telling xem aka teresa (the evil gal who was late for 2hrs on my bdae celebration), tat I wished to go out of Singapore n relax for awhile, she agreed and wanted to go also. Our bf were invited, but we are the one doing the planning.. hehe..

Last mth, xem and me, 2 timid blur short-sighted gal met after work and went to Golden Mile for price comparison. We really did our homework ok!!! We took 1 whole stack of brochures and flyers from all the big and small tour agency, checked the hotel rates online. Thank you xem for even going to Chinatown to check the rates as well.

Then we realized, if we booked the hotel online and the coach separately, we will have to spend more!! And the coach will oni bring us to the bus terminal, from there we have to spend another sum on transport to the hotel, but the cabs quite cheap la…

Nvm, save all the trouble, and after all the analysis report, we confirmed on one tour agency that is Enjoy Holiday. The hotel is Hotel Federal Kuala Lumpur. The web says it’s a 4 star hotel. So how much for 3D2N?

This is a table I’ve done last mth as part of my homework.

** Location is not put into consideration
** Check in/out time is not put into consideration ** Availability not confirmed
** Charges for taxi to hotel is unknown.
** The prices listed are not guaranteed to be correct as time of published of blog.

And guess how much we got it at!? Hehe.. our efforts pays off well.. the price from the tour agency for 2way coach and 3D2N at Hotel Federal is $145 only!!!!! Including the tax n fuel charges and dunno wad, each pax only $151~!! Hurray to us gals!!!!

Then, after we all confirmed on a wkend tat all is available, xem went to book the tickets, since she is staying so near… but the tour agency said it is subject to availability, can oni confirm after 3days… so I so scare I will be disappointed… dare not pin too high hopes..

Oni at the start of the dec, then xem told me tat the agent called to confirm its confirmed!!! YEAH!!!! ******RIBBONS FLYING***********

So we will be preparing for the trip from start of Dec till 16 Dec 06….

Then dear xem pushed the responsibility of itinerary to me cuz she already in charged of booking the tour. Erm, how about the guys? They nv do anything leh!!! How can u ask a sotong to lead n plan? Pengz…bish!

Nevertheless, the hardworking me tried my very best to think wad is inside an itinerary, nv do one b4… then I started with the map. Thanks to, I printed and pasted a giant map of the surrounding of our hotel, which is clear enough and useful (explain later).

Then I sourced for the places to shop in KL. I can forget about the places tat my dear 38 went last mth, cuz she came back complaining in her blog tat twin towers is nothing much and the things are ex n nothing much to buy. So her plan must be lousy. So I better dun follow her. Hahaha.. hehe…

When bear n rish they all noe tat I m planning for itinerary, they all laughed “Go KL need itinerary one meh? LOL”… well.. haha.. they got a point but hor, if wan to make full use of the time, then better have a plan though not necessary to stick to it strictly.

Thanks to the internet and some of the links send to me by xem, I copied quite a number of ideas.. but dunno how to slot it into the time slots.. so I just chunked the shopping centres together and let them choose mix and match or wad… I treated it like assignment and as usual, my assignment all submit last min one.. haha.. we going on sat morning, I thurs morn then submit and send to all.. haha.. sorry ar, but as usual, I kept my promise ma..

Next is packing, I am so busy and tired and lazy to pack, so I only packed abit on tues, and abit on thurs… haha.. so jia lat…lucky got mama to get ready and refill my shower foam and all this..

I am so excited until I scare I can’t sleep on fri nite. Met twin n son for dinner at PS mahanttan fish market. The fish is better this time. Then took neoprints tat took us 1hr to pose, take, draw and laugh. Ahhaha.. reach home so tired.. did some packing and slept at 1plus.. lucky can sleep…

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Precious Moment!!!!

sorry readers... been kinda busy.. ok.. lazy... but oso nothing special.. then nv blog for quite sometime..

been to bishan junction 8 last sun, 10 Dec 06.

to my surprise, there was a Precious Moment event being held!!! then on the stage decor, i see tat there will be phototaking session. So to my excitement, n to fullfil the requirement, i quickly urged monkey to spend $30 in order to get a photo pass. haha.. within 30mins!!!!

oh, now after so long, then i noe my fav char got names... haha

The female on the left of the pic is called Debbie and the other is called Mikey.

then when got the receipt after he bought a sports shorts at the Converse, i quickly fly to the customer service to change for the photo pass... but then long queue... -_-" Singaporeans all willing to spend 30 mins to queue up just for a lucky draw or wad... then the show starting liao, so since i m not aiming for wad draw, no conflict rite? then dun make me wait 30mins ok!? then i chop chop faster go to an empty counter get my pass n run.. cuz i can see got 1 auntie pin pointing me liao.. siao.. she thinks i wan to cut her queue.. the precious moment is more tempting ok!

after some dance performance by the mascot, which is meant for kids, finally i can go n take pic with them... so happy!!! i was screaming DEBBIE DEBBIE, in my heart la..

Beri cute hor?! i wished i taken more, but need to save some memory space for my own pic with them.. n of cuz, sending mms from phone to my email acc is too ex...

sad thing is they require us to bring own camera n tis event was totally unexpect, lucky i got my phone..

well, the staff who took this for us is not beri experience but thanks for her effort la..

so happy tat i can take pics with them!!! but i look fat n ugly. without make up n wrong angle. nvm. more chances to come , i hope.

Happy!!! Even when the nx day is a blue monday n needs to work, i m still happy!!! :)