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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Many Backlogs!!!!

Dear Readers of my blog,

SOOOOOOOOOO SORRY for not blogging for 9mths!!!!!!

Been terribly busy, lazy, loaded with work and study, flooded with events and gatherings and many more!!!

Sometimes there is sooooo many issues tat I wish to log in and start my usual blabbering, but I knew myself too well that once I started, I can't stop till I finish grumbling a 1000words or 2hrs of typing!? So... I dun dare to start... haha...

Have got so many things to announce recently... but lets go by chronological order! I'll try to recall as much as possible, hope I didn't miss out any... But I know many things have taken place in the 9mths, so I'll need my 2007 organiser.. which i left in my office for a yr...ooops... nvm.. I will continue the listing soon...

May 2007
Genting Details (Fun/No Fun/Items Bought)

Jun 2007
Felicia Hung's Wedding (This is the only NICE FELICIA I've Known)
I've got my 1st Credit Card!!!

Jul 2007
Cathy's Chalet
Shopping for Fangying's Bdae Gift

Aug 2007
Stupid Project Mate (KNS J)

Sep 2007
Mooncake Festival
On one week course
New member @ home - Mr Washing Machine

Oct 2007
My Bdae Celerations (with Monkey)
My Bdae Celebrations (With frds)
Pay Increment!!!!!
Denise Wedding (Pretty and Chio)

Nov 2007
Change in Coy's policy, I work till seh...
Jessica's informal house warming! Wow!

Dec 2007
Fish & Co 's Bdae
Biz Finance (BF) test
Uncle Pass away :(
HK Trip (Fun/No Fun/Items bought/Last min items bought)
Havod KTV with friends
Visit Lao Yi for advice
Cooking at Xiaowei's house, Gathering
New Year

Jan 2008
New Year day @ Liling's house
ROM Preparations (its all about planning and shopping and spending and tiring)
Flat visiting (but its still a plot of land)
KTV with poly friends
New Responsibility at work
Meeting up with Xem and Tina
Shopping for CNY items
Sharon's Wedding (SUPER DUPER GRAND!!!!)

Feb 2008
My ROM!!!! (Super lots to type...)
CNY celebration (all abt food, ban luck, families gathering)