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Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Lazy Cookings


So in love with Tiramisu.... but we can't afford to go olive garden for this piece of heaven everyday rite... plus olive garden often offers the tempting delicious FATTENING pasta.... so the best is to DIY!!!

With the premix.. tadah!!!

It taste good too! though not so heavenly like the one from olive garden.. but it can really pass off well!!!


It was so easy.... the ingredients are also easily available....

1. First, preheat over 350F (180C).

2. Then coat the sliced bread with ketchup.

3. Lay some american cheese ( u can use other cheese too) sparsely

4. Fill it with sliced Chicken Franks/Turkey Franks/ Ham

5. Top it with cheese again (aww.... sinful)

6. Bake for 10mins and tadah!!!

Easy..... and it taste good.... can add capsicums and some vege if u like to (but i m lazy). Used to do it in Sg when i was younger, but with the availability of pizza delivery and cheap microwavable pizza, i already stop bothering myself.... but sometimes... hmm..


At 1:37 PM, January 24, 2014, Blogger Ramzan Ali said...

best wishes for putting up an excellent job.


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