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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Black Friday and Post-Thanksgiving Shopping

i told u i slept at 9am in the morning after conquering Best Buy rite? tats y when we woke up on Black Friday, its almost sunset already! hahaaa...

no la, we not desperate for any lappie or com, already got 2 lappie and 1 desktop for 2 of us at home, need another one for waD? hahaa.. we just queue for fun, for the atmosphere, and for hope tat we can get some good deals, which in this case, is the Vaio... hehee

oh.... then we went to Aldea (2mins drive from our home), thanks Daniel and Jazz for inviting us for BBQ... their apt layout was also very resort style like ours.. ...

hungry monkey..

no one is taking pic except me.. haha.. everyone too busy with cooking and eating.. had a great night, and chatting and playing at the jaccuzzi (soaking legs), watching zl's kids making fun of "susan" (aka bryan) hahaa.... its a nice and relaxing nite, compared to queuing in the cold outside Best Buy... hahaa

then we went home and rested early... sat noon, we went to anthem as jioed by jer and rj...

got the below at super good prices! :)

Guess demin shorts and blink tee

Ralph Lauren Polo Tee, T-shirt and a baby polo for jess's aaden (as promised for the birth :) )

Another blink tee, from Aeropostale....

Got this from Nike, i bought this becuz i wanna wear it to support Phx Suns at the next NBA match end of the yr

Sorry for the darkness of the pic.. the Xmas tree was too bright (can someone flip thru my last yr post and verify if the tree is the same? haha) and my hp cam wasn't DSLR like jer's... if u wanna see a better pic, pls check her FB :)

i think tats all for the thanksgiving wk....

argh! bought another pair of Ninewest heels at Ross today, and a dress! :(

super broke....


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