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Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday Again

my bdae falls on sun this yr...

haiz.... getting old again! :(

i miss my frds in sg who celebrated with me.... thanks everyone who smsed me, FB and msned, ecards me for the bdae greetings.. THANKS!

special thanks for the scarf from my mummy, and jer who brought it back for me... thanks mummy for the fat ang bao too!!!! :)

and thanks jer and elaine for the jacket.... thanks liling for the mp3 player, thanks fy for her gift from tw..

at first, he is on leave for the whole wk and our initial plan is to go LV, but it happened tat we just came back from LV, so wad for go again consecutively for 2 wkends? dun waste $$$ in the casino la!!! hahaaa

so we planned to go Page instead... but hor.... after chatting with polly, and when i went to do my research online, realised the cost of renting a car, plus petrol plus the entrance fee will be kinda bo hua.... so i told monkey if budget tight, we can forgo it... i m alright... i very xian hui okie! hehee

so we nv go anywhere during his 1wk leave... but glad tat he had a good rest, and do the things he planned to... like selling his little wife.... ANYONE WANNA BUY HONDA ACCORD pls contact him okie! hehee

anyway, on this hatchday, monkey and i went to a restaurant nearby tat we nv tried before... McGrath Fish house! normally they price range is kinda..... but anyway, they having a promo... so yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

despite the nice ambiance, i still miss fish and co in sg

wanted red lobster or joe crab's shag but they r too far and wkend sure have long queues.. anyway, oct already beri poor... so budget abit settle at the nearby restaurant... but anyway, we had a very fulfilling dinner! see!!!

tats all for my bdae celebration this yr :(

if u r asking wad is my bdae pressie from monkey... sorry, the LV bag tat we got in LV already costed too much so i m getting none from him... :( not even a cake...

hope my nx bdae in sg will b crowdier! i miss my frds and family! i m having mixed feelings! actually, i dun wish my nx bdae to come so fast!!! I dun wanna get old!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 3:22 PM, December 30, 2009, Blogger Styler said...

Muahaha.. see u at next yr bdae celebration soon :) Page is really nice with the antelope canyon .. my coll juz came back.


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