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Friday, November 13, 2009

Arizona State Fair

jer and i arranged a trip to AZ state fair for both our family before it ended.... thanks jer and rj who send us there with their car so our little wife can be parked at lemonlot still... hehe

this is the teared half ticket from the fair... at first i tot they would tear and return us the bigger half.. but assumption is not always correct... regretted nv take pic of it before entry.. anyway.. this is the small one tat we have for remembrance... haha

jer and i wanted to go to the restrooms... but we cannot find monkey.. cuz he saw the lottery booth!!!! hahaa... pro gambler leh!!!

so we all went to take pic with the powerball mascot, and bought a few draws of lottery!.. nv expect come state fair oso can gamble! pengz.. hahaaa

monkey's aiming tat day wasn't good.. nv won anything.. but we had lotsa fun!

sorry for the shaded pic.. its really hot...

i m so glad tat i m the only idiot who bought sunscreen lotion during autumn (i felt smart cuz BX and comiss already not selling it due to low demand so i went walmart to buy, and then, really got event to use my sunscreen!)

i think the state fair is more for kids.. to see animals, to play games and the scary rides... i m not a very adverturous person in terms of rides.. hahaaa..... though jer is itching for a ride but i oni dare to take those less scary one... ooops... sorry ar! got too much rides from Disney now still haven recover!!! hahaa

k, we left the animal farm cuz its too smelly... but can see them at a close distant.. but anyway... we left for dinner cuz the sky is getting dark at 5pm plus... cold wind starts to blow liao.. stupid me, shd go at nite instead then dun need to drink so many soft drinks and ice cream liao! FAT!

the 4 of us went applebees near our home and makan makan... nice food... so tired....


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