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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Before Thanksgiving...

k... sorry for the belated post...

well... was kinda busy with studies and... erm.... u noe... thanksgiving! hahaaa

took the 2 pics below from walmart after my PSY lesson.... this is a Xmas corner at the back of their main lobby..

though already been thru one xmas in US last yr... just can't help to go in and feel the ambience and joy once again... their xmas christmas r cheap and more varieties!

but i nv buy xmas tree la, if i ever did, it will b after xmas, even cheaper! :P then can bring back to sg....(see, i already counting down to xmas in sg! hahahaaa... but i can tell u, when in sg, i will definately miss here!!!! :P)

k, i nv buy xmas tree... neither did i come home empty handed... hahaa

bought the pink container... to put my newly bought clothes/shoes in before my shipment boxes come nx yr.. hahaa.... u see 3 containers in this pic, the 2 blues one below was bought earlier (one for him and one for me) but it was already full!

Cheap and good deal of the day from Walmart.

I AM NOT A FAN OF HANNA MONTANA! but her notebooks are damn cheap!!!! guess??????? its only USD0.25 for one (orginal USD2)!! I couldn't find much uses for the book covers, but these stretchable fabrics costed only USD0.15 each! so i just stock up first and i m sure they will have their uses in future!!! :P

and before Thanksgiving, i am trying very hard to conserve my $$$ for the great sales but hor... haiz.... i got "bad" friends... hahaa...... jerlyn jioed me to buy Ninewest...

i bought this cuz the pic online seems very white and nice and my URS white slipper spoil le.... but the actual one.... hmm... nvm la.... cheap..

then this fossil watch below is my ownself cannot tahan temptations... bought from aafes with a 20% disc and no tax.... free shipping.... *GRINS*

this corelle set ar..... haiz.... corelle emailed me..... buy 1 set get 1 set free.... fainted! how can dun buy?!?!?!?!? hahaa... tats the one tat i posted in FB status... anyway, i got it at 20% disc, USD43 for 2 sets!!!

thats not all!!! my money was way gone before thanksgiving... cuz... my good frd brought me to Forever21... haiz... and things are so cheap :(
bought like sg dun have (actually sg have, but exp)
i didn't take pics of the things i bought.... kinda scary to go dig into my containers... hahaa


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