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Friday, January 29, 2010

Surprises and Surprises!

It was weixie's birthday.

Wow... he is celebrating with us in US...

Thanks for his treat at Tomo... finally had a jap ramen after sg...

Of cuz we must arrange some activities to make it fun for the day.. but we are going domestic.... went walmart to shop for ingredients and tadah! we are doing baking!!!

See yuan's very serious hands moulding the batter

Moulding by the lovers

With the help of us at my house

Under very close supervision.. haha

k, let the shi nai help

the cookies rise and expands like..... huat kueh!

the end product! this is the gingerbread

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Choc Chip Cookies

All sort of shapes and sizes.. haha

Carved by Teacher Yuan

Carved by Mr Crab

Arts by little owen

my fat gingerbread man


Executed another surprise tat was carefully planned. First it was a surprise meet up with yuan at SFO. But before they come, yuan already arranged a surprise birthday burst for crab.... wowww.... loving rite? and me knowing they had surprises for each other, had to play along... hahaaa

but hor... i abit too greedy, lighting the no. of candles according to birthday boy's age.... then still tried too long to play the bdae song from my piano's memory... ended up when yuan took out the cake.... it was....

On Flame!!! hahaa... we see liao shocked and broke in laughter.... i think i literally PENGZ on the floor.. hahaa

After blowing the candles, who dare to eat the cake!? hahaaa

most impt is the sincerity. no, we didn't bake the cake la... i bought it the day before they came.... told u it was planned! then nvm..... another surprise tat was planted.... but i shan't announce it here.... shhh.... wait till the time is ripe.....


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