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Friday, September 22, 2006

Exams Over again!!!


its over again!!!!!!! 2 more modules over!!! hope can pass, and gain credits.. cuz of the bet with monkey.. hmm...

finally, with the end of this term, it oso signifies my freedom from work, I had tendered my resignation last mth.. n just nice.. sch holidays = long break...

hehe.. today is twin twin slack slack day..
went shishedo for free makeover with twin today... they make me looked like ghost... i think i can do a better job... twin, i shall let u elaborate ur own one in ur blog.. haha..

this is taken immediately after the makeover.. haiz... ghost!! sorry, this pic not beri clear, will upload better ghostly ones after my twin send to me..

we walked ard town.. i told twin its so diff n rare to walk around in town, not in any hurry.. haha... i must make FULL USE of the freedom i had now.. at least cherish the time..

then we went to eat the mutcha or moicha ice-cream.. those tat they turn n turn n squeeze tat ice cream out from a green-white machine.. whoohoo..nice!!!! i suay koo... it launched in bugisat least 3 mths liao, i now eat... haha

went to take neo-prints.. theres many machines with many more designs, with chairs available inside the studio.. so we can sit on it n let the machine blend the background into bathrooms, sky, garden or staircases.. so fun.. we took 1 at first.. but i found out theres another machine with better design n chairs.. twin said she dun mind, which i think she oso wans.. then we took another pic.. $11 each.. wow.. we must be crazy... hahaa... the pics so small... if i scan liao then upload here...wonder if so small, scan liao can see anot.. haha

then went BK for dinner... tok kok.. then went KTV to sing again... haha... ladies nite.. sing till got extra hour oso nv gena chase out.. but simply becuz 11pm liao, we need to go home else cannot catch the last train/bus.. n simply becuz the room is TOO COLD!!! my twin is becoming ICE ROCK.. dunno how to save her oso..

i think i dunno sing wad song with dunno wad funny children tune... then she laugh NON STOP!!!! i noe i beri cute n funny, but pls control ok!? laugh liao warmer rite?! pls pay at the counter thank u!

this pic, shows tat she dunno is laugh, cry or pregnant wan to vomit.. twin, u beri confusing leh... haha

k, i think the more impt thing is i need to discuss her wedding speech as an emcee.. but hor.. we totally forgot!!! nvm.. some other time la... haha.. play until blur liao..

gtg n zzz now.. nitez all!

Hospitalised AGAIN!


Remember the previous previous post about yuan n xiaowei's bdae gathering at KTV cum buffet?!?!!?

sat i ate one stupid oyster.. everything seems fine...sun noon still can yaya papaya go shopping with mum.. then nite time (4am mon), i turn n toss on my bed so much becuz of stomach pain...
went to toilet to release... diereal.... then come out my legs already become soft like jelly..

then feel like vomitting.. n i really vomitted... (i took a pic of wad i throw up, but think better dun post here) then i feel wan to go diereal again... mama n me was thinking wad did i ate tat causes this cuz mama n me eat same food whole day... but she alright leh.. then after a few more diereal, mama n me decided to go hospital still theres not much clinics still operating in the middle of the nite, there are la, but i so serious, might as well go hospital..

on my way there, i received a sms.. weixie aka yuan's bf, asked if anyone of us feel like vommitting n diereal... i IMMEDIATELY realise which is the culprit!!! we quickly smsed everyone who went to ktv tat day.. n realised all who ate the oyster got the same symptoms... pengz!!!!

lucky when i offered to feed tat monkey oyster, he dun wan.. else he oso gena..

i was put on drip, n becuz my vein too small or wad.. the drip dun seems to b like moving.. so they put an additional machine to control the drip movement.. but dun forget i got diereal, so everytime i go toilet, i must push tat drip and machine stand here n there... lucky got my hero to help me push n standby for me outside toilet.. think tat day i visited the toilet no less than 20times... at nite sleep oso have to wake up n go toilet...

i still remember tat beri first nite at AH, i was shivering with coldness... shiver as in really VIBRATING like a mobile phone!!! then the nurses had to cover me with 5 blankets!!!!!

the hospital alerted Ministry of Health i think.. so they better do something.. before i complain!! but on second tots, i think i better complain, cuz KBOX failed to take duty of keeping their food fresh and sell it to the customers, nv read Singapore Sales of Food Act is it!?!!?? somemore ur food no exclusion clause, even exclusion clauses oso cannot be exempted from death or body damages!!!

however, this incident let me see my hero monkey... be there when i need him... thank u for pushing the machine.. n for waiting me fall asleep, covering me with blanket, stare into boredom, massage my piggy legs when they ache cuz of fever, put cold towels on my forehead... monkey so good, nx time i buy u bananas ok! LOVE U!!!! hehe :P

dear doctor raja n doc johnathan n nurses n staffs of AH ward 7, thanks for all ur care and concern!!! cheers!!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Good News!

YEAH!!! after so many downs, finally got some good news to share!!!

My "TWIN", aka MICHELLE CHIA finally agrees to Mr Micheal Lim's marriage proposal after his several attempts!!!

So, they are ROMing this 09 Nov 06!!!! So excited!!! Congrats MR and MRS Lim!!!! YEah!!! haha...

oh ya, my twin is getting me to be her EMCEE of her solemnisation.. i m so HONOURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but at the same time oso scare my language not good enuff... nvm.. after exams, i can start planning my speech liao.. haha.. pls pay at the counter!!!

other than my twin getting married, xiaohui, my ex-poly frd... whom i just met up with, oso getting married!!! she showed me n the class the photos of her hubby's proposal... wow.. ok, her hubby's name oso Micheal.. haha... so coincidence...

He proposed to her, with those luminous stick stucked into the beach in the shape of a big heart, with words saying "Will you marry me".... so romantic.. and the proposal gift is...

A super duper cute doggie of 3mths old (both of them loves dogs!), snow white furry and they named it Winter!! guess how much is Winter?!!??! 2k leh!!!!!!!!!!!!! and his neck is wearing a ring... wooohooo... no wonder the photographs oso got show xiaohui crying...

any normal gal CONFIRM will cry cuz too touched liao lor...

they ROMing 27 jan 07.

think at this marriagable age of mine, alot of pple in my social circle is getting, planning or had gotten marriage... soon, i will be very excited over my best friend's wedding, then get tired of it, then sick of it.. then.. haha.. realised i m getting older... aiyoh!!! anyway...

To both couples: wishing you "forever love!!"


Happy Bdae to Yuanlin and Xiaowei!!

today went to cine's kbox to celebrate yuanlin and xiaowei's bdae... well... one yr recovery anniversary to my chicken pox oso..

dun believe we celebrated the same bdae 2 diff yrs at the same place consecutively??!!

year 2006...

Wow.. Kbox's new strategy to attract new customers and retain the regulars... BUFFET cum KTV!!! wooohooo!!! on an average cost of $31 per pax on a sat peak hr, with the wonderful LCD flat tv panel and sakura's international cuisine olok-alike, its super worth it!!! can the our tables all occupied by food.. haha.. n the room is so spacious.. love it!!!

these are the "si mei" aka 4 beauties of the nite.. hahaha

these 2 pics are taken on 09 sep 2006.

and year 2005....

First, sorry for getting out of seat n squatting on the sofa.. haha.. too high in saboring pple...

well.... like i said, the sep of 2005, i just recovered from chicken pox, so, my face was still beri obvious with the scars...

this is the evidence...

poxy me instead of sexy me! :(

these 2 pic r taken on 09 sep 05.

overall, i had a nice time on these 2 occasions. thanks for the invitation. and special thanks to MY male lead singer tonite. =)
not so lonely this yr.