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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Forever21 & Gang

Hehee... i m so happy to make new frds here, we had fun and we had nonsense... i love shopping with my gals cuz its so diff to shop with hubby (i bet some of u will agree).

As a supportive shopper of Forever21, we even had a hand gesture tat stands for "For-ever-twenty-one", its like our gang name now... the forever21 gang.. hahaa.. oni few of u understands wad i meant...

anyway, the following were some good-buys from the boutique. walked until legs wanna break and we spent the whole day only in the 2 forever21 boutique in arrowhead...

Dark Blur jacket (i bought a black one last yr) but i bought it cuz its on sales. The smart looking sleeveless shirt (sg hot leh) oso on sales. each oni ard USD7!!!!!!!

I think i m becoming auntie... the left tee is USD3 from forever21... the right one i think can wear to beach...

the cute accessories, i can tell u hor, i think i spent more on accessories more than the clothes

2 storeys forever21 boutique at arrowhead. argh! my legs almost break lor! so big for wad?! heard sg for 4storeys one....siao liao lor


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