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Friday, January 29, 2010

Tai Tai Life (while hubby on mission) / Disney On Ice

My monkey and other guys was sent for detachment to Florida Key West for 2 wks.... hehee.... but the wives here are very united and full of activities... dun think we will be lonely at all!!!!

For the first wk, we took turns to cook dinner on wkdays while i suffered and sweat in my Hot Yoga class.... then, we went for Disney on ice, had steamboat, had world buffet, feast in olive garden, shop ard in Arrowhead Mill (mostly Forever21) and Ross and alamak... too much la!!!!

Had some fun in Adden Boo's first birthday party and visited selina who just gave birth to her little Princess.... wow... happening.... dunno went to walmart how many times just to get gifts and fruit basket.... anyway, we got time and car and company. hehee

Enjoy the pics from Disney on Ice

We tried many attempts but it just dun look good. thanks to a nice chinese lady seated in front who offered to help us get this more proper pic.

Thanks jer for making good use of her SLR

Abit cold inside...there are 4 shows. By Mickey& Frds, Lion King, Little Mermaid and Tinklebell.

We actually got our tickets online.. hehee..avoid the queue and get good seats

This new princess wasn't avail then while we were at disneyland and disneyworld..... Princess Tiana.... from Princess and the Frog movie which just aired now too long ago

Lindarella meets Cinderella again (reunion after Disneyworld)

Took while queuing up to view the characters (we dunno who is here till we went in)


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