Thoughts of My Life Journey

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Touched!

i was exchanging emails with my ex-coll cum good frd fy....

was really touched to tears.... why?

cuz she simply see the good side of me, the good side tat even my hubby or mummy didn't realise..

we worked together.... but she sees tat i m so much hardworking... pple think i m highly paid cuz my coy is good and i m lucky... but little or no one noes tat i really fought very hard for it..

she said i very hardworking, being able to do my part time degree yet still worked till late hours very often last time.. she see me she oso feels tired for me... its kinda warm to hear some1 who actually heartached for ur hardshipness...

now got 2 persons do my job tat i did alone last time, she can see my workload....

in US here, there are many times when i feel i m born lazy, too slack and nua to do things, but some1 saw my inner beauty and reminded me of it.... it feels so great!even the tears are sweet!!

k, i will listen to her advise and enjoy my last 9mths here in US... cuz she noes i will b back soon and then work very hard again...

*i pray hard, pray daily tat my family dun worries me so i can really relax here*

thanks fy!!! God Bless You!!!! :)

Monday, July 06, 2009

Some people's actions are just pure "amusing"

hmm... actually i dun wish to vent my frustrations here in this beautiful and peaceful blog of mine...

but today... something really triggers me to say something.... i didn't wanna say else where, becuz i noe i can be over-straightforward/ direct and probably harsh enuff to offend pple when i mean good...

i shall not say the actual story and identities are protected.

Just to quote an example, relating to wad happened to me and my frd. but dun worry, its not really the case... nobody walked naked here... hahaa


There are pple who likes to walk around NAKED. Nvm, tats their freedom.

But there oso also pple who loves to parade around wearing NOTHING.

I dunno if they like to boost what they have or just purely love to show, or simply dun like the idea of any privacy.

But when pple are staring at you NAKED in the streets, you can't blame them! you can't wonder why they are staring at you!!

the reason is simple. they are Curious!! and its something tat dun happen often, to ordinary modest folks.

If you dun wan your privacy to be questioned or stared by others, then dun go ard naked. If you like your own freedom, do it at home. Of cuz, with the windows and doors closed. some lechers will like to see and drool silently without reminding u to close ur windows. even when they didn't say anything, doesn't mean they meant good.

Similarly, if some aunties too kpo, go and qn why u like this why u like tat, they meant to let u noe its not a norm and becuz they dun understand y u wanna do this.

u can't blame those aunties for being kpo, becuz their curiousity is aroused as u started the naked parade and its human nature to be curious.

maybe u just prefer your frds to be those "lechers" rather than those "kpo aunties"

u choose your frds, and your frds are whom u have chosen.


My blog, my rumblings, my freedom. If you are offended reading it here, u can continue to go ard "naked" and wonder why r pple so kpo... tats ur freedom. But my objective doesn't starts evil. I really mean good. if u dun get the hint, then too bad. i've tried not to be offensive. I shut up not becuz i have nothing to say, its because i wan to give you face.

The saying goes : 面子是人家给的,脸是自己丢的!