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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ross, I will Miss You!!!!

I think i noe where the bulk of my personal savings goes to... to a shop tat i love and hate most in US.... ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ross ah ross, its no wonder u r one of the 500 fortune companies... its becuz u have shoppers like me... can give me VIP discount anot? :P

Recent buyings, cheap cheap la...

Swarovski earrings less than USD20

Swarovski necklace less than USD20

the more i look at it, the happier i m

simple yet poise dress, laying it on my sofa for pic does not do any justice to this dress.

san hua!!! this one i wear for ur wedding ok?

and the best one.... Ninewest Heels... for only...... USD2.99!!!!!!


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