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Monday, May 28, 2007

Genting Pics 07

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Exam Results

Just as i tot i have to prepare $1250 to retake my last term papers... the exams results came out n guess wad? i not oni passed, i got 2 credits!!!


i tot when i was crying n so down, immpossible i can do well.. n the consumer behavior, qn come out, all beri indirect one, dunno wad is it asking n the tips are nv come out... everyone came out from the exam hall shaking heads n asking each other wad is going on...

think they must have moderate.. else sure alot of failures.. but i got credit? how come? cuz of lulu's blessing!!! n i noe.. god bless oso!!! i wun go complain y i pass...

just continue counting my blessing.

nx, i wished tat my colleague QS whom i always teased, to pass her exams as well. :)


Attended Jessie's wedding on 8/4/7 @ Goodwood Park hotel. Congrats to the couple!!!

Jessie really lost alot of weight... no wonder they say the bride is always the most beautiful. But becuz monkey n the others (aiping, yuchun, wendy, zhida, lihe n his gf, zheng jun, kenny n his gf, lip keong) are all good n close frd with her for 20years (since pri sch), n cuz its a sun n mon everyone got to work, so not so much sabouring... hmm.. abit disappointed.. haha.. the bride so on u all so not on... haha.... nice emcee n nice song.. nice food... thanks!

last sun, my grp members come over to do the MRM assignment... then ended up.. erm.. oni 2 of them doing.. the rest... hahaha.. chit chatting.. jason worse, almost doze off.. haha.. end up we split n work individually then combine.. too many pple in my room.. n my bed too seducing.. everyone no mood to work.. haha

then after that, i meet my doggie for dinner @ cwp. so CROWDED!!! he rushed over via cab. i nv rush u, too rich ar? after deciding to eat at the soup restaurant... think doggie over starved .. ordered so much food!!! 2 person eat the speciality samsui chicken, beansprouts with fish, tofu prawns, sambal kangkong and a pot of soup!!! pengz!!! thanks doggie for the treat.. one dinner cost over $70.. pengz.. u starved or i starved? everytime we come out always end up spend alot of $$$... u rich give me ok?

But thanks doggie for the souvenier from taiwan.. such a big monkey!!! must u remind me of my dear? hehe.. the monkey so big.. until when compared to my tissue box, it is still big.. so i can't bear to unwrap it.. leave it under my piano.. haha.

Friends... And Friends... So good to have you all ard!!! :)

I am counting my blessing. I know tat after my turf exams, i deserved some pampering. God gave me so many friends. so its time to meet them after neglecting them for work....

had a gathering with zhixiong, cherrish, xiaohui n her hubby (micheal aka lao mu ji) @ bishan sakae. ahha.. we chatted n tok n ate for 3hrs!!!! pengz!!! after standing up, we all realised our legs numb liao.. haha.. can stand anot? nice catching up... after tat, thanks laomuji for sending us home...

then last sat, had gathering with even more frds at a korean restaurant @ furama hotel with the TATAMI ROOM!!! YEAH!! initally the gals all sat middle. then after realise the BBQ have to DIY, we all suddenly shifted n exchanged seats with the guys. so they cook! haha.. 21st century liao. Guys cook! haha..

Featuring the ladies of the day, irene, weiling, me, weini, cherrish, n alot of hidden guys aka dear monkey, colin (aka chef ho), yaowen, william
The when footing the bill, cuz monkey used his card cuz of discount, everyone started addressing him as "lao ban" n me "lao ban niang"... pengz.. u all pay the money to me can liao.. oni if i dun need to pass all the money to him.. then good.. haha..
after tat, we all went to stroll along singapore river n clarke quay.. tried find somewhere to rest, like cafe or pubs.. but sat.. simply too crowded.. pengz.. nvm...
continue counting my blessing... went back, celebrate my mum's bdae.. aiyoh... one candle oni ok?!
lulu, u will always be remembered!

Good Friday

As i fought hard to forget about the pain... i realised tat i m sooooo fortunate to have so many frds ard me...

This year's Good Friday, all dun need to work, so we had a gathering at xiaowei's house. Liling n hua gao (huat gui), yuanlin n weixie (crab), xiaowei n hubby zhongchen (laoyang), boon kiat (mooncake) and dear n me.... wow.. big lot of gang... haha..

cuz i wanted to avoid crowd. yes, public holiday, everywhere oso flooded with pple. so we go sun plaza ntuc tabao some fruits.. n head for chocolate fondue!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

look at the spread tat we've prepared!!

Wow, seedless grapes, apples and Korean strawberries!!! super sweet!!!! yeah!! can imagine them coated with the chocolate? we started heating the chocolate from this ..

to this... yummy!!!

We all eat until got chocolate stains on our face... haha, please see example on the nx pic.

pls dun get the wrong idea. Yuanlin wasn't crying. it was becuz dunno how she eat until got chocolate marks on the cheek.. hahaha... but my camera faster than her tissue...

then after the chocolate fondue, we watched tv.. till my dear came n the guys went to tabao dinner... had a sweet n warmly dinner with close frds is one of the best gatherings in such nice holiday...

followed by a few games of "sabour-tour".. its a VERY NICE GAME!!! especially when played in a crowd. initally we wanted to go satelite cafe (a famous cafe with all sorts of card games) but it must sure b fully booked.. but xiaowei's house oso not bad ma! especially when the company is rite! :) me is the lousist sabourtour n monkey n the forever sabourtour look. ahah.. so funny.. oni we all knew the joke. tat is enuff to go one forever. :)

When it was very late (midnite), we ended with a finale of another spread of ice-cream!!! Woohoo!!! haha..

Thanks xiaowei n laoyang for letting us all go your house n enjoyed n thanks for being great host n hostress! Thanks!!!

Friends, so good to have you all around!!!!
*dedicated to real friends only*

Exams Over

due to work stress, n i tot i was so depressed, with the coming exams n more n more work.. so i just throw tantrums to my monkey... during the cursed week, thanks monkey sooooo much for all the understanding n bearing with my tantrums... he came over specially just to coax n comfort me... which is wad i needed most.. he knew tat i m overstressed.. thanks dear! love u!!!

however, immediately after fri, without enuff sleep n rest, i had to go Sentosa with monkey. it was supposed to b a happy event. he had already booked a deluxe sea view room at Rasa Sentosa, a 5 star resort. it was supposed to celebrate our anniversary on mar. but was postponed till now cuz of sch assignments. thanks monkey, it costed u a few hundred bucks.. who ask u lose bet to me? :P

i was already beri tired.. n worse is, i couldn't bear the fact tat lulu is no long with us... so i m still feeling quite down... looking at the sea view...... it helps abit.. but from all the pics.. u all noe how pale i looked...

but we had fun. we strolled along the siloso beach..i think heaven worry my leg will go sour.. so he rained abit.. er... then at first we wan to go the beach restaurant with all the sofa on the beach.. but it was BERI CROWDED.. nvm... we tabao back to our cosy room..

our room so nice.. with a nice balcony tat u just can't help taking pics!!! even toilet oso nice!!! i like the design.. n speaker!!! aha.. toilet got speaker... then singapore water is really soooooooo clean... "soaked" myself in the bath tub, still can see myself clearly.. cuz the water is really clean!!! not like some other *ahem* countries... tat i dun dare to even bath too long with their water, later skin sensitive..

then on the way back... monkey was telling me to rare fishes (remember the "fish tank" he sent to my office for vday) ... the moment i tot of pet.. i remembered lulu.. haiz.. back to depression... but come back home, i must act happy.. cannot cry ok! later mama will oso cry!!! but back home, i no longer see lulu meowing... :'(

A Cursed Exams

Having my last term exams on 28 and 29 mar 07.

As reflected in the title.. the exams are cursed!!!!


1) cuz my office closing FY... so i m unable to take more leaves for revision.. for those who noe me, i like last min revision.. but i can't! haiz.. work commitment.. if i take leave, i m sure it will b approved.. but i can't just leave those work to my colleagues... it is a type of responsibility!!! so i took leave oni on the days of exams...

2) however, the wk b4 my exams, i had been working overtime just to make sure things dun go go haywire when i m not ard... so when reach home liao eat late dinner bathe etc, i m too tired to even flip the txtbk n lec notes... dun even have time to sleep more than 5hrs per day.. tat was a torture..

3) n despite the fact tat i m working ALONE and without the existance of dinner @ 9:30pm, my stupid twin still can mms n ask me if her new house color match the door anot... i was very pengz... u think my hp beri big can show the pic beri clear? then when i replied her via my office's web sms (which already indicates clearly i m still in office)... she still can further probe whether match anot!!! pengz!!! twin!!! u sure had chosen colors tat match. dun match oso paint liao! so wad u wan me to reply when i m so bloody bz? u wan me to compliment rite? haiz.. or u wan me to assure u tat ur taste is good? wait till i free then praise u ok? i will b free nx yr (hopefully)

4) was very fed up with work already.. n i remember its a fri nite... my monkey called me... told me he can knock off liao, asked if i wan to go ktv with him n his cousin.. but i really so tired.. n i still need to work even though its really late liao.. then when i expect him to comfort me more over the phone, he had to hang up cuz his frd is driving, he got to entertain him... haiz... i almost pengz.. in normal circumstances, i wldn't mind cuz shouldn't treat frds as driver.. but when his gf (me) is so down already, cannot stinge on a few more secs of comfort leh! i almost cried after he hanged up... cuz i can't figure up i m so lonely... so i punch the keyboard buttons so hard.. to force back the tears... n continue to work...

5) then when i tot tat was all, then my "auntie" came n torture me!!! it was one wk early!!! where got such logic one!?! normally early oso by 1 or 2 days!!! pple stress is auntie come late, me is 1wk early? then nvm.. it was so painful... but i still have to work n study!!!

6) then my computer is officially down. can't boot! certified dead!! then how m i going to do research?!? die!!! i got no one to rely on!!! i m left all alone!!!

with all the signs, i think tat this coming exams is really cursed.. the wk was really torturing. i tot i couldn't live through march. will die of exhaustion or stress or depression. but tat was not all.

7 ) my dear pet cat, old lulu, whom was with me for more than 15years!!! yes, not typo, is 15 years... old cat... had to pass away on 28 mar 07... which is on the day of my 1st exam.. i dun wish to think about it now.. it was still beri hurting... i told mum tat i really can't take it anymore.. i dun wan to go for the paper already... n i already cannot concentrate with my last min revision for the paper at nite. cuz my eyes were always full n blur by tears.

on the way to sch, i was crying in the bus. n in the mrt. hiding my face behind the notes. pple who saw me, sure tot wad happened... just tat i can't accept the depression..

*will blog one post specially for lulu*

when i reached sch, i still can't help crying.. had to go toilet n dry my eyes... then after exams... ask twin, i m still crying... thanks twin... cuz she understand wad i m going thru... but after she left n continue smsing me while i m in mrt back home.. i m still crying..

haiz.. my eyes already beri swollen after not enuff sleep.. plus all the crying.. its worse...

8) woke up 2nd day morning for my 2nd paper. saw mum crying about lulu. i can't help it. cuz we've all been fighting very hard to hold back the tears. i tried not to cry in front of her. but now we all break down again. i asked god, how to find energy to continue my paper? so i went, with an attitude tat i m going to fail for sure.

after exams, it was a fri. i went back to work with my swollen eyes. cuz tat was the last working day of last fy. so i die oso have to go back n clear the work. my colleagues happily asked me hows my paper. i couldn't help but CRY AGAIN n tell them about all the difficulties... they understand.. thanks colleagues! then they all beri automatic n do more work n asked me to go back when its 8pm n they r still working... thanks.... sometimes its so nice to noe tat its so good tat i m not fighting the "war" alone..

end of fri, end of 30 mar 07. end of the cursed exam of last term. tis term i dunno. but i noe tat tat was the most difficult exams i had since my life as of current. i told myself, if i ever successfully cross this hurdle, i will b stronger. with god n lulu's bless, i will!