Thoughts of My Life Journey

Friday, November 13, 2009

First Time at the NBA Live Match

Though the match we are watching is on a Wednesday, but monkey is off cuz its veterans' day!

We were quite excited the day before, cuz its our first time watching NBA Live at the stadium. its his dream! really love ITT for the discounted tickets!

Thanks Joey who gave us a ride, carpool is definately good cuz parking there is not free.... USD20! but NBA leh.. worth it la...

our tix costed USD30 each.. but before the match we went to have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.... costed USD32 each.. pengz... but happy to get the glasses! heheeeee...

we took this pic at the end of the match... so we can get closer to the court... see the monkey so happy!

the game really very fast, and the players all very tall and agile!

another catch point r the cheerleaders!

as mentioned, its veterans' day and they specially gave tribute to the heroes... was kinda touched when they march in with pride... their military are really well recognized! and the whole stadium all cheered and stood up in respect!

when suns (phx team) won and every time out, the cheer leaders wld go ard and throw freebies and prizes for the audience who screamed out LOUD! so the whole ambience were very HIGH all time!!! can see jerseys and towels and many other freebies flying ard... hahaaa

haha.. the guys from Frys were performing... they were not pro performers but their dance really did won alot of cheers! very entertaining!

took this pic outside the stadium before the match.. can see who is the sponsor of the game? (hint: in the background of the pic)

Arizona State Fair

jer and i arranged a trip to AZ state fair for both our family before it ended.... thanks jer and rj who send us there with their car so our little wife can be parked at lemonlot still... hehe

this is the teared half ticket from the fair... at first i tot they would tear and return us the bigger half.. but assumption is not always correct... regretted nv take pic of it before entry.. anyway.. this is the small one tat we have for remembrance... haha

jer and i wanted to go to the restrooms... but we cannot find monkey.. cuz he saw the lottery booth!!!! hahaa... pro gambler leh!!!

so we all went to take pic with the powerball mascot, and bought a few draws of lottery!.. nv expect come state fair oso can gamble! pengz.. hahaaa

monkey's aiming tat day wasn't good.. nv won anything.. but we had lotsa fun!

sorry for the shaded pic.. its really hot...

i m so glad tat i m the only idiot who bought sunscreen lotion during autumn (i felt smart cuz BX and comiss already not selling it due to low demand so i went walmart to buy, and then, really got event to use my sunscreen!)

i think the state fair is more for kids.. to see animals, to play games and the scary rides... i m not a very adverturous person in terms of rides.. hahaaa..... though jer is itching for a ride but i oni dare to take those less scary one... ooops... sorry ar! got too much rides from Disney now still haven recover!!! hahaa

k, we left the animal farm cuz its too smelly... but can see them at a close distant.. but anyway... we left for dinner cuz the sky is getting dark at 5pm plus... cold wind starts to blow liao.. stupid me, shd go at nite instead then dun need to drink so many soft drinks and ice cream liao! FAT!

the 4 of us went applebees near our home and makan makan... nice food... so tired....

Halloween 2009

its my last halloween in US this trip!

the ghost festive of ang mohs! hahaa

all supermarkets and shopping centres started putting out orange and halloween decos.. this pic is taken in walmart when i m shopping for confectionary for tricks or treats...

very orangy rite? hahaa.. there r so many variety of confectionaries.. so nice to b a kid when calories doesn't mean anything! hahaaa

went BX to take this pic of deco... actually there r many shops selling halloween costumes but some too ex, some quality not worth it, and anyway.. i didn't buy...

this pic is taken again at walmart on the actual day.

cuz ZL's wife and his 2 precious kids just touched down on this day... we went for a dinner at a jap restaurant then bring them to shop ard... so didn't stay at home to wait for the kids to come knocking for treats or tricks... but its ok.... i dun mind to go shopping and be served in a restaurant with no ghost.. hahaa..

saw a few "ghost" on the day, but compared to last yr, this yr still kinda hot... not cooling at the end of oct yet... if i noe not so cold, might as well buy some halloween dress! tot cold then the dresses so short such cover up one.. pengz!

Birthday Again

my bdae falls on sun this yr...

haiz.... getting old again! :(

i miss my frds in sg who celebrated with me.... thanks everyone who smsed me, FB and msned, ecards me for the bdae greetings.. THANKS!

special thanks for the scarf from my mummy, and jer who brought it back for me... thanks mummy for the fat ang bao too!!!! :)

and thanks jer and elaine for the jacket.... thanks liling for the mp3 player, thanks fy for her gift from tw..

at first, he is on leave for the whole wk and our initial plan is to go LV, but it happened tat we just came back from LV, so wad for go again consecutively for 2 wkends? dun waste $$$ in the casino la!!! hahaaa

so we planned to go Page instead... but hor.... after chatting with polly, and when i went to do my research online, realised the cost of renting a car, plus petrol plus the entrance fee will be kinda bo hua.... so i told monkey if budget tight, we can forgo it... i m alright... i very xian hui okie! hehee

so we nv go anywhere during his 1wk leave... but glad tat he had a good rest, and do the things he planned to... like selling his little wife.... ANYONE WANNA BUY HONDA ACCORD pls contact him okie! hehee

anyway, on this hatchday, monkey and i went to a restaurant nearby tat we nv tried before... McGrath Fish house! normally they price range is kinda..... but anyway, they having a promo... so yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

despite the nice ambiance, i still miss fish and co in sg

wanted red lobster or joe crab's shag but they r too far and wkend sure have long queues.. anyway, oct already beri poor... so budget abit settle at the nearby restaurant... but anyway, we had a very fulfilling dinner! see!!!

tats all for my bdae celebration this yr :(

if u r asking wad is my bdae pressie from monkey... sorry, the LV bag tat we got in LV already costed too much so i m getting none from him... :( not even a cake...

hope my nx bdae in sg will b crowdier! i miss my frds and family! i m having mixed feelings! actually, i dun wish my nx bdae to come so fast!!! I dun wanna get old!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grand Canyon and Vegas again

yup... went there again...

Grand Canyon and Las Vegas...

Well, this trip last mth is to bring ZL to enjoy... and theres a long wkend.. so why not? but we planned another LV trip for my bdae de... but nvm la, hope the sales in long wkend is better!

the air is cooling in GC, but hor, when there is sun, its actually HOT! i got tanned in autumn! pengz!

Saw Felicia and her family there too.. so we took pics together! long wkend ma! everywhere oso got familiar faces! :)

I look abit retro i noe.. haha

its actually hot!

i was sleeping in the car but have to wake up to take pic... like a baby... i can't open my already small eyes... haha

this pic is taken at the hotel we stayed in, not much scenary pics this time cuz already taken many times.... abit sianz liao :P

i took this pic in one of the casinos.... so lucky i managed to get such nice cards but then.. if u look carefully.... i only won 480 credits... and its only $0.01 cent per credit!PENGZ!

shopping until tired... so massage awhile at the food court... look at his shiok face!

throughout the whole shopping in the premium outlets, tats all we bought (see floor)
the sales was quite disappointing! i only bought one crabtree and evelyn lip moisuturer and he bought himself a pair of levis jeans..

wanted a swaroski necklace which is below USD50 but he dun wanna buy...

anyway, he suggested buying one LV bag for me at LV cuz the tax is lower than AZ, and the exchange rate at the time is good... u all dun think too much ok! i NEVER ask him to buy.. from jan, he promised me one LV bag by the end of the yr so i told him i m willing to wait till Dec... but he analysed tat Dec we r going for a roadtrip so have to spend $$$, so if buy now, Dec wun b so xiong...

went to one LV boutique at Fashion mall, i m supposed to pick one bag tat i like... but the big ones tat i like, he said not nice... (wa lao! LV leh!!! where got not nice?! hahaa... his taste beri high)

so in the end, we compromise to this bag Treveli... i like it and he likes it too! the size is just rite and i already planned tat i can use this as my working bag when i go back in sg.... so happy!

as seen in the pic, the blue plastic is still not peeled off, i m not going to use it till when i found a job in sg!

thanks monkey for fulfiling the promise of the yr, lets hope this bag will motivate me and bring me lotsa luck for my job hunt nx yr! :)