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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Oopps.... Spend at Ross again...

My previous entry ended with "i spent at ross today again"

Here's the 3 items, including the formal striped pants which i almost forgotten, my ninewest heels, a pretty dress...

Black Friday and Post-Thanksgiving Shopping

i told u i slept at 9am in the morning after conquering Best Buy rite? tats y when we woke up on Black Friday, its almost sunset already! hahaaa...

no la, we not desperate for any lappie or com, already got 2 lappie and 1 desktop for 2 of us at home, need another one for waD? hahaa.. we just queue for fun, for the atmosphere, and for hope tat we can get some good deals, which in this case, is the Vaio... hehee

oh.... then we went to Aldea (2mins drive from our home), thanks Daniel and Jazz for inviting us for BBQ... their apt layout was also very resort style like ours.. ...

hungry monkey..

no one is taking pic except me.. haha.. everyone too busy with cooking and eating.. had a great night, and chatting and playing at the jaccuzzi (soaking legs), watching zl's kids making fun of "susan" (aka bryan) hahaa.... its a nice and relaxing nite, compared to queuing in the cold outside Best Buy... hahaa

then we went home and rested early... sat noon, we went to anthem as jioed by jer and rj...

got the below at super good prices! :)

Guess demin shorts and blink tee

Ralph Lauren Polo Tee, T-shirt and a baby polo for jess's aaden (as promised for the birth :) )

Another blink tee, from Aeropostale....

Got this from Nike, i bought this becuz i wanna wear it to support Phx Suns at the next NBA match end of the yr

Sorry for the darkness of the pic.. the Xmas tree was too bright (can someone flip thru my last yr post and verify if the tree is the same? haha) and my hp cam wasn't DSLR like jer's... if u wanna see a better pic, pls check her FB :)

i think tats all for the thanksgiving wk....

argh! bought another pair of Ninewest heels at Ross today, and a dress! :(

super broke....

Thanksgiving Day and Night!

Finally its thanksgiving!!!! 26 Dec 09!
Once the clock hits 12am, i went into aafes's webbie and bought myself another fossil watch... hehee....

in the day, there was a steamboat gathering at my apt... see, we gals so good at preparing (i was in the kitchen frying noodles)


alamak! the guys didn't help... standing in a circle dunno discussing wad...

demo by Hui Xiong: STUDY where to hit for the first stop for Black Friday! hahaa

alot of food... lucky there were alot of us... like 9?

after a very bloated dinner, we chat at home while jer and rj went to q outside best buy (so nice of them), we joined later, thanks jer for "chope-ing" a good queue!

it was really cold.... then i was craving and fancinating abt mac's fries.. monkey went to buy.... and hot drink is so shiok!

me: professional mac's fan! hahaaa ( i miss my san hua... love the chairs she left for us.. useful! haha)

then queue till 12am, zhaolin joined us in the queue... lucky! so my monkey got a company...i think he very bored, gave him my NDSL he oso not interest...

then at 12:30am, ming-sao and guys drove by and asked if i wanna go AZ Mill... hehee...... of cuz!!! monkey ok-ed so i went with them....

saw this cushy cute panda at AZ mill... quite costly... but the main point is, i think we all have panda eyes.. hahaaa

after finishing shopping at AZ mill, i went back to join the queue at Best Buy. monkey already got a queue number before it opens... so I continued queuing in Best Buy to collect the Sony white Vaio lappy...
look, the guys were so happy with their queue tickets (which looks like certificate)... but they were cold and tired...

interested to noe wad i bought in AZ mill? hehee... scroll down.

with my own $$$ (savings)....

bought monkey a Kenneth Cole watch.... super cheap and nice!!!

bought him this khakis bermudas from America Eagles... thanks hui xiong for telling me about this cheap deal else i didn't take much notice on guys' clothing

Got this for myself

buy one and get the second one at 50% off... if i didn't rem wrongly.. anyway, it was cheap!

the shorts! haha.. think dun need to wear in AZ ... can bring back to sg and wear since it will b winter till i go back! :)

thats all... bought 2 baby boy pants at carters for jess's boy.. dunno if she wants it else can return..
after collecting the lappy at Best Buy, its already 730am! pengz! slept at 9am in the morning! tired...

Before Thanksgiving...

k... sorry for the belated post...

well... was kinda busy with studies and... erm.... u noe... thanksgiving! hahaaa

took the 2 pics below from walmart after my PSY lesson.... this is a Xmas corner at the back of their main lobby..

though already been thru one xmas in US last yr... just can't help to go in and feel the ambience and joy once again... their xmas christmas r cheap and more varieties!

but i nv buy xmas tree la, if i ever did, it will b after xmas, even cheaper! :P then can bring back to sg....(see, i already counting down to xmas in sg! hahahaaa... but i can tell u, when in sg, i will definately miss here!!!! :P)

k, i nv buy xmas tree... neither did i come home empty handed... hahaa

bought the pink container... to put my newly bought clothes/shoes in before my shipment boxes come nx yr.. hahaa.... u see 3 containers in this pic, the 2 blues one below was bought earlier (one for him and one for me) but it was already full!

Cheap and good deal of the day from Walmart.

I AM NOT A FAN OF HANNA MONTANA! but her notebooks are damn cheap!!!! guess??????? its only USD0.25 for one (orginal USD2)!! I couldn't find much uses for the book covers, but these stretchable fabrics costed only USD0.15 each! so i just stock up first and i m sure they will have their uses in future!!! :P

and before Thanksgiving, i am trying very hard to conserve my $$$ for the great sales but hor... haiz.... i got "bad" friends... hahaa...... jerlyn jioed me to buy Ninewest...

i bought this cuz the pic online seems very white and nice and my URS white slipper spoil le.... but the actual one.... hmm... nvm la.... cheap..

then this fossil watch below is my ownself cannot tahan temptations... bought from aafes with a 20% disc and no tax.... free shipping.... *GRINS*

this corelle set ar..... haiz.... corelle emailed me..... buy 1 set get 1 set free.... fainted! how can dun buy?!?!?!?!? hahaa... tats the one tat i posted in FB status... anyway, i got it at 20% disc, USD43 for 2 sets!!!

thats not all!!! my money was way gone before thanksgiving... cuz... my good frd brought me to Forever21... haiz... and things are so cheap :(
bought like sg dun have (actually sg have, but exp)
i didn't take pics of the things i bought.... kinda scary to go dig into my containers... hahaa