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Monday, November 27, 2006

Graduate Earlier?!

Saw 38’s blog on her convocation. Congrats to 38 n Kaini for graduating!!!!

Though 38 was complaining about how heavy the “costume” is, we are all envy n jealous lor.. but her head abit too small for the “hoot”… haha..

Then twin shout out in her blog (cuz their blogs all cannot comment one, can oni shout out), asking me when can we grad oso, n to wear tat heavy thing…well.. cuz I too attitude n lazy to type in tat tiny lousy full of errors n bugs shout out box n the comment is not available, I choosed to type in my own blog. Hehe

Well, twin, I oso wan to grad earlier. 8 more modules to go for 1 yr, each term of 3 mths of 2 modules. But I really scare the burden. N I oso worried if I can get the modules I haven complete. Wad if they are not available? But if I were you, I would have taken 3 mod earlier on, so I can grad earlier n cuz u r studying full time.

I also quite tempted to take on 3 mods nx nx term, but hor, I scare I cannot survive, if fail then the I will end up grad even later. I noe my limits, born to b lazy n not too smart, plus I already got not enough time for zzz, where got extra time for the 3rd mod!? Worse is, I beri scare got killer mod, if all 3 mods is as easy as entre then good, but we left a lot of marketing mod n marketing n a lot of assignment one!! (%&$&^$&#*^%$&*#^%&*$ if the combination is 1 killer mod (eg Strategic mgmt or Biz Finance) plus 2 marketing mod (which might end up 2 grp assignments 3 individuals assignment n 1 presentation), I might die until dunno how come oso!!!

But if I dun take 3 mods, then I confirm will not b able to catch the nov convocation nx yr in sg, which takes place oni once in a year!!! Then how? Though I got plans to fly to aust for my convocation, but tat one is sort of my treats to myself who struggled with work n studies n lifestyle n the enormours sum of sch fees for 2 whole yrs. I deserve to pamper myself. But that will take up a few days of leave which I think will b spend for the exams n etc, n a lot of money, considering I will still be touring ard aust.. nvm.. n I wan my parents to attend my convocation oso, wan them to b proud of me.. so since I can’t afford to fly them to aust, I need to attend 2 convocations, 1 in aust n 1 in sg!!! But dun tell me my parents n me have to wait 1 whole yr after I finish my last mod then can attend my local convocation!!! BERI RIDICULARS!!!!

Hmm.. dunno la, even if I brave brave dun eat dun sleep take 3 mod nx nx term, I might oso b unable to grad by nov 07. why? Cuz the mods tat I need to clear by then, might not be available! Just like pamelo, not every time have one!!! Oni certain festival or season then have, else have to import, not sweet n ex!!

So many things are not within my control… sianz.. I wan to grad earlier!!! But think I rather grad later than dun grad at all! Well, I die oso have to put on my graduation robe. after tat, then put on wedding gown. Nice plan!!!

So twin, if u beri desperate to put on the grad robe now, u can spend some $$$ to go any photo studio. Tell them u going to grad n they will loan u the robe. no $$$? “brush” his sup card la!!! Hehe

Ok, conclusion, can anyone tell me wad to do? I got comment box, see I go good! hehe

My another short weekend

I can’t bear to sleep every sun nights.. suffering from pre-Monday blues… weekends are just so short for commuters like me..

Last fri, I met jess, amy, willy, ivan, avis, peiru, don n the one tat finally came back from Germany, Chin wee aka brother bear… went KTV at clementi n sung till 1am… changed 3 rooms u noe!!! Because of their lousy system n service!!! Last time not like tat one leh!!!

1st, computer cannot boot, waste our time!
2nd room, then I was grumbling “if sorry got use, then need policeman for wad? (beri familiar hor?)” then they extend our time for 15mins foc… but they shd have initiated tat instead of us waiting endlessly!!! Then they closing the upper floors, so if sing till 1am (initially is till 12am but we extend 1 hr), need to move to lower floor.. pengz
3rd room, the room is bigger, finally not so squeezy cuz we majurians oso do things beri kua zhang one.. the room must b big big then can contain all of us.. then the waitress’s service is like SHIT! Her face so black!!! Nv take pay or pms?! We didn’t offend u lor, but ur system offended us, u can’t expect us to coax u rite?

Wadever, then don was drunk again.. hmm… then willie send him back, jess, willie, peiru then wait for willie to come back for supper at 1am ++, I take midnite cab home.. tired leh!!! Chatted with monkey till I almost fall asleep.. cuz too tired…

Nx day, woke up at 430pm!!! Pengz!!! Met si monkey for auntie lau’s wedding dinner at harbourfront. Congrats to Kevin n Yanxuan!!! The food was nice!!! Better than the one we had at merchant court.. k.. tats not the point, the point is, its all a happy occasion! Hehe

Saw many of my sec sch mates ard, but since they r not in my class or jc or eca, so I regonize their face but nv go n tok lor.. but everyone really nv change!!! Thin one still thin one, fat one still fat one, black er I mean tan one still tan one… hair length oso same!!! PENGZ!!!! The oni difference is tat we are no longer in sch uniform n we have colors on our face.. hmm… nvm… since I feel so out, lucky theres a monkey beside me…

After tat, we catch Happy Feet at causeway point, I love the penguins!!! So cute!!! The graphics were nice n the storyline is oso beri meaningful… I shall not reveal too much here in case pple haven watch…

Chatted with my bro till 4++am then sleep.. wow.. steady rite? Then dunno y cannot sleep well, woke up 1pm.. hmm…

With his one call activation, I flew down to Chinatown to meet my dear monkey n his frds… wa lao!!! They all surname is Lim!!! N hor, Mr Lim Guangming aka ah pui, make me laugh non stop!!!! Throughout the whole dinner of 1.5hrs at sushi tei @ china square, I think I laughed non stop for 1hr… BISH!!! Laugh till cry!!!

Hmm.. cuz my monkey is flying with his family to Taiwan tis coming wkend, so must spend more time with him.. haiz… this wkend stay at home sleep la… a good time to catch some rest…

The next thing I discovered is, my alarm rings, its Monday, I got to work! :(

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


before my 38 dies of envy, i better clarify properly. tat titus watch is meant to be my xmas present. so tat means i will get nothing for xmas. ok!? :'(

n hor, u better, ur dave offering u a $1000 LV bag, who is better? n ya, u reject tat offer (finally not so vain), but u can't think of wad else u wan... does tat mean u still vain? or u already got everything so u dunno wad else u wan??


Monday, November 20, 2006

Twin's ROM

Congratuations to my twin aka Michelle Chia who tied the knot with Mr Micheal Lim, on 09 Nov 06 at Hotel Rendezvous, in the presence of relatives and friends and Justice of Peace, Mr Cheong Kim Teck (Correct me if i got his name wrong).

See, nice bridegroom n bride rite? u noe y!? cuz my twin ma!!! we are alike!!! :P

And hor, my twin went through GREAT EFFORTS just to make the ROM arrangements. from the consideration f the height of her heals, to her hair pin pattern, to her hubby's tie color, to the colours of the flowers n position on the table, to the pen used to sign the name, to the number of tables by the hotel, to the invitation of guest, to the make up n needs to trial for 2 times, to the memorising of vows (u didn't memorise it rite?), to the arrangement of seating positions for guest and etc...

Cus its on the middle of a wkday, so ALL of us have to take leave. we beri give face hor!? Opportunity cost to attend this ROM is too high.. got rebate?! haha

The event was to be seated by 11am. And 38 called me the day b4 to meet up at 1030am but i rejected cuz i meeting my monkey. but in the end when we all reached the hotel lobby at 1030, she said she still at home waiting for her dave. FAINTED! lucky nv meet her!!! then son was caught in the jam etc...the traffic of the day is beri bad, everywhere jam.. cuz all drivers rushing to see the bride :P
ok, grace is the earliest. nice gal!

then we took some photos with twin b4 her wedding, n she is shivering.. omg.. from cold or nervous i oso dunno... haha.. tats y she got a shawl to cover up... i wonder if i will b like tat when its my turn..

The early birds' pic

During the solemnization, cuz i was seated quite far, can't see or hear clearly. but i noe they were giggling when saying "Yes" and when exchanging rings, for these, u all have to refer to her own blog. haha

Lucky at our table, its all our own pple from UC n the UC students' partners. But my twin go n arrange the Justice of Peace to be seated with us, cuz she needs me to entertain him for lunch, while she will be busy. Twin, wheres the entertainment fee?!!? But i think i did quite a good job, though running out of topics at times. chatting rubbish (:P) from his career to his lifestyle... haha.. not easy u noe!

See, the Justice of Peace (twin, i nv call him priest ok! ;)) handsome anot?!

Ok, this is our "Quan Jia Fu (Family photo)" starring (from left to right), Monkey aka papa 2 , me aka mama 2, Dave aka papa 3, felicia aka mama 3, son aka darren, twin aka bride aka mrs lim aka mama 1, micheal aka bridegroom aka papa 1"

Everyone so big liao still play the family hierachy game, beri childish hor? but who cares!? we not childish can liao!!! we beri CLASS one ok!? haha

Say YeaH!

Ok, end of event, after taking lots of photos, smile until face sour "suan".. haha..

then mrs n mr lim proceed to do their things, the rest of us ciaoz. Son go dating. we go vivo city n walk till leg crack.. haha.. actually wanted to go PS one, but too bad, raining heavily... see so near yet so far.. thanks dave for driving us..

at Vivo, i was first time pampered until i felt so sweet... tat monkey knows i like precious moment, n choosed a pair of earrings n buy it for me.. then my FM radio receiver earpiece spoil for a few wks, we go best/challenger to shop for one n he buy for me again! then b4 shopping, he saw my hand abit empty, so we went city chain, n he got me a sovil titus watch!!! hmm... i m not vain, felicia's role is the vain one... but hor... suddenly pamper me until like tat, i almost sweet till melt.... hehe... thanks monkey!!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Coming Soon...

Look out for my next coming blog, on Twin's ROM... hehe... all the pics tat she sent me all in my home pc, need to add in... lots!!!!

Happy Birthday to Ser's Baby

I remember attending his 1st mth party last yr dec.. hmmm... time flies... now he is 1 yr old.. his name, oso same with one of our Superstars, Junyang.. hahaha

I still remember how small n tiny n fragile when i carried him, end up i cry!!!! cuz simply too touched la... haha... his mother, Ser, still tot i made the baby cry... but she surprised to see is the other way.. haha.... so for those who dunno, tats y jessica n pat n amy always laugh tat if i get pregnant, i will b crying daily cuz too touched le!!!

then hor, even more surprising is, mother Ser, my dear frd, is pregnant again!!! meaning, ard nx yr mar i will b visiting her again for her 3rd child's full mth party.. haha... productive leh!!! govn loves u much much!!!

Happy bdae junyang, and ser, Congrats ar!!

My Fat Fingers

28/10/06, sat morning, went to attend a nail art/care course with Jaslyn…

Was briefed a lot of information by the Shishedo trainees… really… I really had never been taken good care of my precious n vulnerable nails… ok.. must be more gentle.. I try..

Before attending this course, i been trying my super beri best to keep my fingernails long n not cut it, pluck it or wadever causes tat will destroy the long nails. cuz initially i m supposed to be twin's ROM emcee, so must look nice la.. i hardly got long nails.. since young... cuz not used to it, n my long nails always ended up scratching myself for nothing!!! everytime after shower always got alot of scratches one!!! all thanks to the long nails that cannot coordinate properly!!!

Then spend some time painting the nails… here is the pic of my fat fingers…

Notice the ugly red shiny glitter!? (i m not the one who wanted red, some1 volunteered to put it on for me.) So out from the rest!!!!

So when I reached my monkey’s house, I can’t help but to scrap it off..

At least it looked more balance! :)

moral of the course?! trust my own judgement!!!

New Interface

As my frds had noticed, my template n outlook/user interface/homepage for my blog was abit different than before, cuz inspired by my twin, whom downloaded a new skin for her blog and everything looks so nice n different, BUT no comments enabled!!! Pengz…

So I go n copy n edit my blog lor, simple changes, no time to do fantastic one.. but at least some changes okie!? Dun complain I nv update!!!


Public Holiday Gone...

Wow, finally got time n mood to update my blog again.. think its going to have to a lot of belated issues again.. hehe.. sorry readers!!!

After my crazy bdae celebrationS, it is public holiday time. Hehe.. but I wasn’t slacking, my baby bro’s monitor screen gone case… so he wanted mine.. at an offer of $50 (which $20 is subsided by mum)… then I have to go buy a new monitor..

Actually quite troublesome to go all the way to sim lim to do something extra.. but seeing my bro so sad, n he prefers my monitor.. so fine lor.. lucky got one monkey go with me.. n thanks for comparing the prices n carrying it.. hehe… after tat he still come back n fixed the monitor, n as usual, he complained about the wiring :P

N when my mum request him to fix my bro’s new monitor oso, he pulled some wires n knock on it, the old spoiled monitor is working FINE back!!! Pengz!!! Magic hands!!! But since we already bought a new one, then might as well change the temperamental monitor away.. thanks dear..

He also treated my family dinner at the coffeeshop near my house… make my parents so happy.. they beri easily contented hor!?

Haha.. that’s the end of my public holiday! Simple, twin, this blog not too long leh!!!! Hehe

Friday, November 03, 2006

My Bdae Celebration 2006 Part 7

*** Continued from part 6*****

After the kitty shocks, this is the baggies shock.. haha.. so many pple give me bag... hahahaha.. fainted... thank u ar..

The below is the belated gift collection.

This pig is from jess n amy, thanks ar.. haha.. though its abit late.. though i got MANY pigs n PINKY softtoys liao, but this is special cuz the pig got one big drop of cold sweat!!! haha.. just like i always like to do with the handsign (-_-) :P

Remembered tat i oni received a bouquet of flowers from my monkey for my bdae? ya, tis is the belated one.. y belated? cuz he needs to get my name engraved on tat block of metal attached to the bracelet... the stupid MoshiMoshi pple needs so many days to engrave 5 alphabets!!! Not gold leh!!! got so difficult to engrave is it!?!!? haiz.. wadever!

*******************END OF BDAE CELEBRATIONS 2006************************

My Bdae Celebration 2006 Part 6

This post should be called the Gifts Collection.. haha

This is a pic of the gifts i received.. alot lesser than my 21st bdae one.. but nvm.. old liao.. i m contented with so many diff gatherings n so many pple still care n remember my bdae n make it an effort to buy me gifts.. hehe.. so many well wrapped!!!

thanks twin, liling n huagua, yuanlin n crab, mooncake, xiao wei n laoyang, si monkey, xem n tina, dit0005 (rish, roy, owl, irene, pzx, xiaohui n mic, yw, cathy)..

The following pic is the best wrapped of the yr!


So cute rite? like a shirt, with a tie somemore!!! but who give one ar? can come n tell me? sorry ar.. i all mixed up le... :P

After opening all the presents, this is it...

Had something caught your attention? the beri pinky corner?! yes.. i dunno wad happened... i dunno is my frds all gang up or coincidence or thinks i love hello kitty beri much... see... all the pinky kittys! i so big liao!!! u think i really dare to bring all this out the streets?!!?!? haiz.. pengz...

well, after some ridiculous one, there are some beri lovely n my loved one.. tat is my favourite Precious Moments Collections!!! yeah!!! all authentic ok!!! :D

The towel, the little jewel box, and something beri worth mentioning, the precious moment bdae card... y? cuz one of my ex-colleague still remember my bdae (though i nv tell him), n he go spend efforts finding out my address, n mail it to me via snail mail (this is sincerity!!!) to me n make sure i received just rite b4 bdae... so after work i came back to my room n saw this.. i was... delighted!!!!!! thanks chong!!!! :)

My Bdae Celebration 2006 Part 5

This is taken on the actual of my bdae... which i took a day of leave.. to pamper n reward myself... this yr kinda poor, no $$$ to shower myself with gifts.. so take a rest lor..

Even though si monkey is oso on leave, he oso took his own sweet time to do n settle his own stuffs, then come ard 6+++++pm.. haiz..

then brought me this bouquet of flowers.. 1st time receive flowers from him... no grass leh!!! but like i said b4... if got occasion then give, i will b taking it for granted n will not be BERI DELIGHTED or suprised.. i rather out of sudden give... haiz..

kinda angry tat when he nv ever gave me any flowers, the first time he gave will be for my bdae present tat we spent together for the first time... tat means, i got nothing but a bunch of flowers.. haiz..

this is the pic...

then after starving for more than half of the day, he finally came n after disappointing me with the flowers, he brought me to a restaurant at Swissotel @ Merchant Court, some name called ellenbourough(pardon me for the spello)...

the buffet was quite ok.. his treat ma.. haha.. had lots of lobsters which i tot was clayfish initially..

anyway, no mood... dun wish to say anymore...